Unorthodox Personalized Gift Ideas: From Straws to Custom Weed Bags

Preparing for a special occasion should be a wonderful, stress-free time for both celebrators and guests. However, this isn’t always the case thanks to one nerve-wracking activity: gift giving. For someone special, it simply won’t cut it for us to walk into a store and buy just anything we think they’d like. A gift for someone special should be the perfect blend of thoughtfulness, usefulness, and personalization. Given this, unorthodox gifts like custom weed bags are the way to go!

Of course, you’ve got to consider the occasion you’re buying the gift for. Birthdays and Christmases are fine. Gifting someone something out of the blue is fine, too. This list won’t work as well for weddings, though, because they’re pretty formal. Some couples even give out a gift-list to avoid duplicate gifts!

When picking out unorthodox gifts, you have to consider three things about them: their lifestyle, their interests, and their hobbies.

Gifting Recreational Items like Custom Weed Bags

Choosing a recreational item to gift is fairly easy. All you have to do is find out what that person enjoys doing on their free time. To add a more personal touch to it, you can take into consideration the recreational things that the both of you do together.

Sports Activities

If you’re both into sports, then it’s just logical to gift them sports-related items. Gifting them sports equipment and gear is an obvious choice. But you should also consider gifting them with experiences over objects.

If the person enjoys watching basketball, you can buy them tickets to a basketball game. If they’re into European football, you can throw a match day watch party for them. If they’re into snow sports, why not gift them a ski trip to the mountains?

Self-Improvement Activities

Self-care and self-improvement is one of the biggest trends this year. Capitalize on this by gifting the special people in your life with related items.

You can opt to gift them books on their favorite topics. If you want to go the extra mile, however, you can sign them up for classes and take them together instead – from skills-development classes like baking and trading, to physical-development classes like yoga and dance.

Other Activities

Of course, you don’t have to go all-out with your gifts just to make an impact on their lives. You don’t even have to consider their grandest of recreational activities. Even the simplest of hobbies like watching Netflix can be capitalized on. For this instance, you can gift them a year’s worth subscription to Netflix.

If they’re into recreational marijuana use, you can even get them custom weed bags and grinders – given that this is all done in a state where marijuana is legalized.

The best thing about recreational gifts is that they can easily turn into bonding experiences and memories that the both of you can treasure and relive together. When it comes to recreational gifting, all it takes it’s a little creativity.

Gifting Novelty Items like Caricatures

Speaking of creativity, gifting novelty items is a nice way to show your creative skills off. While not always practical, novelty items can be made very personal and thoughtful.

A cat-lover and artist would appreciate an oil pastel set intricately carved into little cats. A selfie-addict would appreciate having one of their favorite selfies turned into a funny, framed caricature. A frequent traveler would appreciate a scratch-it world map where they can scratch off the countries they’ve visited.

The key to successful, memorable novelty gifts is to make it really personal. Consider who they are and what they like doing. Your gift shouldn’t just show off your creativity, but also the person’s personality. This’ll show them that you’re truly paying attention to who they are. Get your creative juices flowing – don’t think of the practicality as much! That’s reserved for the next item in this list.

Gifting Practical Items like Metal Straws

Practical items are those that can help make someone’s life easier, these are things that they would find most useful. Of course, most people prefer practical gifts but it’s just usually like this because they haven’t had that much luck receiving good recreational or novelty gifts.

Gifting people with practical items is the safest best when giving a gift to someone you’re not very close with, though. However, in gift giving, there is a fine line between practical and lazy.

How Practical Are We Talking Here?

Practical but lazy gifts are those that don’t show any hint of personalization in them. These are everyday items that are used by almost everyone: money, mugs, pens, picture frames, etc.

When choosing practical gifts for someone, consider their lifestyle and their beliefs. If they’re trying to go zero-waste, it wouldn’t be nice to gift them anything with single-use plastic. Try getting a pack of metal straws wrapped in recycled paper. Shampoo bars are also a good option, too.

If the person you’re gifting works the night shift, a coffee machine would help them stay awake when they need to and blackout curtains would be an excellent gift to help them sleep in the morning.

If the person you’re gifting works as a makeup artist, a large makeup bag would help make their job much easier. Gifting them with new makeup doesn’t only help their work, but it also shows them that you’re supportive of their business/career – which is more than any material gift could ever mean.

It’s important that you don’t just get them anything you think would be useful for them. The point is to show your support for their lifestyle. This way, you’ll be gifting them useful but also very personal items.

Considering these three things when choosing gifts for someone special will make the activity loads easier. Not only that, the person you’re gifting will appreciate the thoughtfulness and personalization more.

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