Spot the difference between PC Matic vs McAfee

A comparison of PC Matic vs McAfee in this review shows some differences in terms of security protection, features and performance. McAfee has an  advantage over PC Matic mainly because you can easily install, is highly rated when it comes to detecting and preventing malicious viruses and it has 100 percent efficiency in removing any traces of viruses left in your system.

Differences between PC Matic and McAfee

PC Matic is internet antivirus software has a different approach compared to its counterparts when it comes to detecting and managing the threats encountered in the system of your device. PC Matic literally is an optimization tool suited for the PC and antivirus is part of it and this the first difference we can spot compared to McAfee antivirus suite. PC Matic has all the features your PC requires to be finely tuned and primed so that it offers you desired performance, the software review website Ergonotes confirms.

The second difference we can spot between PC Matic and McAfee is that, with PC Matic, scanning for threats on your PC is quite different. A scan is run to the entire PC to determine threats. This implies that you will have to scan the malware, benchmark performance and disk fragmentation.

When you run a scan on your PC using PC Matic antivirus software, it does first implements a diagnostic scan to spot the issues. The diagnostic features four components which are Security, Maintenance, Stability and Perfomance. This process involves the scan for all forms of malware, junk files in the system, craplets, disk fragmentation, updates of the driver, quality of broadband and other potential security threats. It then runs several benchmarks and it provides the results. Issues that require attention and need to be solved are marked red while those marked green have passed the test successfully. In case you see some that are marked gray it means that they did not go through the test and those ticked purple are suggestions but not essential.

With $50 every year, you get PC Matic antivirus software subscription license for up to five devices. You can have the option of extending the five license subscription to lifetime when you pay $150. A single license offer costs around $40

McAfee on the other hand does a very commendable job of blocking malware infections into your system but has had a very big impact on the system, making it to slow down the speed of your computer in the previous years which of course has been rectified. McAfee Antivirus Plus for example doesn’t cause computer to lag and has the highest malware protection rating. McAfee is also the best solution that can detect and block malicious viruses, Trojans, ransomware and all kinds of worms. It is very light and fast suitable for surfing the web, watching videos and sending emails with a lot of ease. You can smoothly download and upload files, play online games and do other tasks without any kind of lagging even when the scans are on.

McAfee Antivirus software has a number of user licenses and operates on all platforms that include Windows and Mac PCs. It also works well on Android and iOS smartphones as well as tablets. McAfee Antivirus Plus is a good protector against malware but doesn’t have other excellent features beyond that. Instead, most of great and useful features are found in other tiers.

McAfee Total Protection for example is a middle tier that offers maximum protection of your device against most security threats. It includes, on top of the features found on McAfee Antivirus Plus, parental controls to protect your children from watching adult content. The parental controls also offer an option of controlling the time the children spent on website every day. The tier also has the encrypted storage feature that hackers or ransomware don’t find their way in your system. There is a password manager as well as personal firewall. You also have vulnerability scanner and furthermore, cryptocurrency shields on this tier.

What are the notable differences between PC Matic and McAfee?

PC Matic and McAfee have some few notable differences between them when it comes to features, performance and protection. A real concern when looking for the right antivirus software is usually their real Total Implementation Cost (TCO) followed the features each of them has. In this review we are going to look at the differences of the two with the same in mind.

To begin with, McAfee has an intuitive navigation and the interface is quite simple compared to its counterpart PC Matic. Also, McAfee scan for viruses are of high quality and are performed in real-time. McAfee offers protection against ransomware and the customer support is very excellent. It has 99 percent rating of malicious files detection as well as the URLs. Other extra features found in McAfee include USB virus scan, Anti-spam, Email protection and is compatible with iOS.

PC Matic on the other hand features a free trial version so that you enough time to decide if you will purchase the full package or not. Antivirus software that has the free trial version is usually thought to be the best in performance and protection. Compared to its counterpart, PC Matic antivirus software is designed to offer protection of your device and network against potential harmful viruses. Besides, you are up to date with recent features as the software keeps on updating every time. PC Matic also has a lifetime subscription and has a lot more features that McAfee lacks. The extra features include Ticket support, smartphone optimizer and Adware prevention.

When it comes to pricing and cost comparison between PC Matic and McAfee antivirus software, there is little to be said in terms of their differences. PC Matic pricing starts from as low as $49.99 every year. This is usually on a scale that ranges between one and ten devices. The rating of this antivirus is therefore 2 and is regarded a lower rating than any average cost of any antivirus software. McAfee antivirus software on the other hand has its pricing starting from as low as $6.40 per each license and when we compare this to its counterpart antivirus software programs, McAfee has a rating of 6 and this is a similar average rating of other antivirus software cost on the market. This is an indication that compared to PC Matic McAfee antivirus software is priced highly.

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