Welcome Kote! Thank you for your time today.  We would love to dive right in and learn more about the band. Can you give us a brief walk-thru of the band musically? How you started and where you are now?

Hey there!  Nice talking with you!  This is Samm Musick.  I sing for the band.

That’s a great question.  We are certainly always developing our sound and we love that process! We make a concerted effort not to fall into any stereo type or particular “sound” but we do love a good rock song and we try to take things as far musically as we feel a song will allow.

I wrote a song last year that didn’t really fit with the solo project I was working on.  After writing ‘Landing On The Moon’ I realized that this music needed a band so I put out some feelers and that’s when I found Robert Russell. We had both lived and worked in Nashville for a while but had never met.  I think we had even been on some of the same tours! We hit it off pretty quick in that first meeting and it’s been a blast seeing how our passions and musical styles align.

Currently we are excited to have recently released our new single.  We spent a lot of extra time on this one and so its been really rewarding to get the positive feedback from older and newer fans.  And that’s really where we are.  Building our relationships with our fans is absolutely the #1 thing we care about.

Now you just released a new single titled “Like A Ghost” tell us the story behind the song and what it means to you.

Like I mentioned, Like A Ghost was a labor of love.  Its a story about lost love.  It’s that experience so many of us go through where you love someone so deeply that they become part of you.  And then the heartbreak that can happen when things don’t work out. Sometimes that pain is one of the toughest experiences we can have as humans.  So many memories and words fill our mind. But when we reach for them they are gone, like a ghost.

What do you hope fans take away after hearing your music?

We believe that music is a tool and a gift.  We feel so honored to be able to share music with people. It’s humbling really.  We hope that our music is used to be your best friend when you are low, a shoulder to cry on, a reminder that things get better and we are all in this together.

Tell us what have been some challenges in your career so far?  What have been the greatest achievements so far?

Our challenges have been similar to every musician and artists dilemmas.  It’s a tough business.  Lots of competition.  Lots of late nights and time away from people you love.  But no pain no gain right?  So that’s why connecting with our fans during a concert and one on one is really our greatest achievement. Because in the end that’s who we do all of this for any how.

What inspires your music the most? Do you listen to other artists to get inspiration and is there a particular song that never fails to move you emotionally?

I think that the day to day experiences we have is what inspires our music.  When we record a song we are sharing our view of the world and if you look around there’s a lot to be inspired by. Me personally?  As a songwriter and singer maybe its “Dream On’ by Aerosmith.  It’s like that encouraging voice saying “Don’t give up.  Keep singing”

We love that the band is passionate about music but also making the world a better place. Tell us more about your mission with and collaboration with!

I think that when we look around the world we see a lot of causes and needs that require our attention.  But for us, the basic need for clean drinking water is so vital to life that we just can’t get past it.  One in nine people in the world lack access to clean drinking water.  That’s beyond a travesty.  So our goal is to end the water crisis with the help of our fans by the year 2050.  That gives us 30 years.  So we gotta get busy!

Where can we get our hands on your music and connect with you online?

You can start at our website and find links to all of our socials from there. It’s


Booking:  [email protected]

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