Finally, A True No Root Keylogger for Android has Been Built

Android smartphones maintain the largest market share of any mobile platform with a user base of over 2 billion devices worldwide. While the sales of the new iPhone 11 continue to cut into Androids staple market, Google’s OS is still the platform of choice for young people globally.

While Android continues to improve the user experience of its base, the expansion of anonymity and the ability to influence others socially have created a new era allowing for an amazing lack of accountability.

Cyberbullying has gone mainstream, new technology enables today’s youth to engage in behavior outside of school hours that was once reserved for the playground. While teachers and parents are encouraged to monitor a child’s behavior, online accountability is often seen as an invasion of privacy.

Parental monitoring applications are nothing new, but the methods and networks that today’s teens use are constantly changing. We’ve gone from MySpace to Facebook to Snapchat and Discord almost overnight.

This has made it difficult for keylogger developers to keep up with which networks to put effort into capturing, and in which country. Snapchat remains popular in the U.S. While WhatsApp dominates Latin America and LINE Chat maintains market prominence throughout Asia.

This has created a never-ending game of catch-up for software developers working in online accountability and parental control. Some developers however have had the foresight to anticipate the inevitable changes in user bases and applications, resulting in the first true no-root Keylogging solution for Android.

This is a game-changing development for the entire industry as it raises the bar on what’s possible and lowers the priority of targeting individual chat applications which constantly remain a moving target.

With these advancements comes an entirely new dimension of information. Platforms such as forums, Reddit, Discord servers and anonymous messaging boards are all up for grabs; and the new keylogger can even distinguish between them.

These features are expected to become the industry standard when it comes to parental monitoring applications and ultimately how effective they are when it comes to preventing and combating online bullying. No longer will concerned parents have to sort through lists of features and reviews in an attempt to find the right application for their situation – they will all be the same.

While keystroke logging maybe the nuts and bolts of parental monitoring, newer Android versions can also record GPS locations, text messages, call logs and some can even capture VOIP style messages such as those from Skype and WhatsApp.

Future updates are said to include the recovery of historical data and even deleted data such as one would expect from cell phone forensic software. The version tested by was able to capture the smartphone’s lifetime of text messages and GPS locations, but failed to capture social media messages that were sent and received prior to its installation.

RemoteKeyloggers is a network security and application development company dedicated to online accountability and employee accountability. More recently they have invested in new and more practical parental monitoring solutions and employee productivity for remote desktop workers. To learn more about the software’s roadmap and future rollouts users can visit the company website and sign-up for updates or contact them directly for a press kit.

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