What are the benefits of Wedding Gazebo Tents?

A memorable wedding day ensures that you have a long and healthy marriage right from the start. Thus perfecting your wedding to the very last details is quintessential. The venue, decorations, catering etc. everything needs to fall in place if the moment has to be extra special. Along with all these things, you also have to make sure that your arrangements don’t leave a gaping hole in your wallet as you have a life to plan after the wedding.

In this regard, I find it a little weird that people opt for wedding plaza’s and banquets when they have big beautiful lawns in their own backyards. A wedding gazebo tent can create the perfect ambience and at the same time provide more breathing room. These canopies are weatherproof and have an ultra-luxurious feel to them. Here are a few reasons why you should use a wedding gazebo tent for your wedding.

  1. All weather-safety: Despite all the advancements in the meteorology department in recent years, time and again, it has been proven that no one can with certainty provide a precise weather forecast. Now imagine one of those mishaps happening on your special day!

Don’t worry, the wedding gazebo tents have you covered.

Be it rains, snowfalls or sunshine, Wedding Gazebo tents are well equipped to tackle any weather-related adversity so that your wedding day remains a hassle-free affair.

  1. Limitless scope for decoration: Most brides have an idea of what the decorations on their wedding day would be like. But, at times, wedding venues take that away.

Wedding gazebo tents are like blank canvases, and they can be decorated in any manner possible. You can go as lavish or as minimalistic as you want. The freedom and extent of customization that these canopies provide in unparalleled.

Not just the decorations, with wedding gazebos you can also design the layouts as these are not pre-defined as they would be at a pre-defined venue.

This gives you additional freedom to decide where you’d want your guests to sit, where you would want your dance floor to be etc.

  1. Round the clock availability: An outdoor wedding any time of the year comes with ‘n’ number of challenges like :
  • Rough weather
  • Bugs or pests
  • Complaining guests
  • Wet or ruined shoes and clothing, and more

And these issues can be so daunting at times that you may not feel it.

Wedding gazebo tent comes to the rescue again. With Wedding Gazebos, you can have a party any time of the year. Sidewalls that come with the marquee will also ensure complete protection from unwanted pests and provide privacy for certain parts of the ceremony that you want.

  1. Accessories: Wedding Gazebos come with a lot of accessories that can make your life a lot easier.

Professional marquee makers provide accessories which can help you sort out things such as tables, seating, linens, and lighting at one go.

Now that is what you call a proper one-stop-shop.

  1. The extent of customization: I can understand other reservations for getting married in a tent, but this is one aspect where wedding gazebos are leaps and bounds above traditional wedding venues.

They provide the extent of customization that no plaza or church can.

You can always find a tent that is just the right size for your wedding and then customize it things such as flooring, sidewalls, etc. that align with your wedding plans.

  1. Make the most out your natural setting: Ever wanted to have a destination wedding in a familiar setting? Wedding gazebo tent can help you achieve that.

Who does not want the most memorable wedding day photos?

I’ll be honest in saying that it does depend a lot on the photographer, but the setting or the background is not something that he/she can always control.

Hence coming up with a picturesque setting for your wedding is very critical.

Wedding gazebo tents come to the fore even in this regard. You place to position your gazebo in the backdrop of a mountain or at the banks of a river or a serenely calm beach.

This could result in some amazing wedding day photographs. It will be a literal trip down the memory lane.

  1. You decide ‘Formal or Informal’: You cannot ask your guests to come barefoot in a hotel atrium or formally dressed at a beachside resort. These are the sort of reservations that come with the venue.

You can for ‘formal or informal’ when you decide to opt for a wedding gazebo tent.

The entire decoration and customization are up to you, and hence you can decide on a ‘tie and trouser’ formal affair or an outdoor barefoot intimate affair.

After all, it is ‘YOUR WEDDING’.

  1. They are cost-effective: Folks who have called up wedding plazas or hotels can vouch for the fact that they are very expensive and 99% of the times not available on the day/dates you want to get married.

You risk a host of problems because of this venue fiasco like:

  1. People not able to manage to get to the wedding because of it being on a weekday
  2. Guests not able to fill out their respective RSVPs because of short notice.
  3. Many young or old folks are not able to travel if the destination is afar.
  4. Budget out on other elements like decorations, catering, etc. due to high venue and its associated costs.

With a wedding gazebo tent, you will face none of it.  As a matter of fact, most marquee providers take all these factors into consideration and help you get the highest value for every penny you spend.

Wedding is an intimate and celebratory event, and we all want it to be as special as it can. Wedding gazebo tents help us achieve that objective with leaving a hole in our budget. So if you are looking for the best deals that on these big party tents, call 1300 850 832 or visit https://www.extreme-marquees.com.au/.

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