LinkedIn: Profile Optimization. New Features for Improved Job Hunting

Do you know “The 6 Handshakes Rule”? According to it, any two people on Earth are separated (on average) by only five common acquaintances. For example, to shake hands with the President of America, you need to start with someone you already know, he needs to contact someone he already knows and repeat the process four times. After that, you can be introduced to the President of America as a trustee. And no one needs to strain for this – just contact a friend.

Of course, it is just a theory, and it does not always work in real life. But what about the Internet? On the network, you can use social media that greatly simplify this task. That is why LinkedIn is considered one of the most powerful and working tools for job hunting.

You may be surprised to find out how many people use LinkedIn for professional goals. For 2018, the US population was 327.2 million (now a little more), and LinkedIn already has more than 550 million users. It seems like it’s time to try “the 6 handshakes rule” in action. Do you agree?

Searching for Jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social network. And this means that the service is always developing and releasing more and more features for convenient and efficient use. In this article, we will describe several new functions that make the job-hunting process even faster. But let’s start with the basics.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

It makes no sense to start a job search without a strong LinkedIn profile. But how to make it “strong”? You can improve, change, add new information… But only with time, you will begin to understand how and what is better to add, write, arrange.

If you want to save time and speed up the process, it’s better to get a professional LinkedIn makeover. Experts will solve your problem in a few days so that you can start the job searing right away. After all, if there are people who are masters of filling out profiles, why not hire them?

Some basic tips for high-quality profile:

  • Fill out the page on 100%. Add a photo, write up an “education” line, add courses, certification, publications. The bigger, the better! But all the information should be relevant to your work / business position. The quality is more important than quantity.
  • The “name field” should only contain your name.
  • Fill in the “headline” correctly – it is the second line, right after the name. It should be your specialization / work occupation. Use professional keywords.
  • Upload a high-quality photo. It is best to use professional photographer services. The background should be monochrome, and the clothes – official.
  • The summary is a free text field – your presentation. It is the most important part by which recruiters will select you. Take the time to make it work for you.

As we have noted above, to make the perfect profile, you need to spend enough effort. To make it ideal, you must qualitatively fill in all the fields using relevant keywords.

4 LinkedIn Functions to Improve Your Job Hunting

Every year, LinkedIn developers delight users with new features and improvements. They are continually working to make the interface more user-friendly and understandable. After all, many people refused this service because of the “inconvenience.” Also, the network is becoming more effective in finding work. Members can apply more functions to optimize and simplify this process. Here are the newest ones!

  1. LinkedIn Company Pages

This feature appeared at the end of 2018 and made a revolution in the job search process. Using Company Pages, you can browse the company’s professional accounts in search of the data you need: salary, funding news, external links to photos, videos, and much more.

You can follow the company! You will be able to receive all notifications and updates about the business you are following. With the new Job Alert feature, you can stay updated on the latest vacancies, and stay ahead of other applicants.

  1. Salary Insights

This tool allows you to view a complete analysis of salaries by job title (occupation) and location. You can see how salaries vary from different positions, work experience, the city / country, and the employers themselves. Thus, you can choose a job where you will be paid more.

  1. LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is news on LinkedIn, i.e., news feed where you can see articles from users on various topics. It exists for some years, but every year the developers make it more “smart.”

You can choose topics that will be most interesting to you (“Your News”), see popular articles from authorities and leaders (“Best Posts”), and also watch all available channels (“Discover”). It is a great place to read interesting articles from your colleagues and people from your industry, as well as identify reputable professionals and contact them.

  1. LinkedIn #hashtags

It is a new addition to the LinkedIn Pulse. Now you can choose the hashtags that you can follow. Including different hashtags, your news feed will change for the better. It will provide you with more interesting (relevant) posts. Also, you will be able to receive the latest messages about employees’ search.


Remember, if everything is done right for your profile, you won’t have to search for work. You will receive exciting suggestions every day, without any extra effort. In case it does not happen now, you should consider what you are doing wrong. Maybe you missed something? Read more information or hire a professional service. The main thing is not to give up and not to lose a great opportunity to find a prestigious high-paying job position. Good luck!

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