How to care for pregnant women in the first 3 months

Scientific and reasonable way to take care of pregnant women in the first 3 months will help mom to start a healthy pregnancy behind. This is an especially important stage for the formation of the fetus, so mothers need to know what to do and should avoid so as not to make unfortunate mistakes.Gia Dinh specializes in providing articles related to health care for pregnant women

After fertilization, in a few short weeks, all the important parts of the baby are later “laid” in the embryo. Right at the 28th day of pregnancy, the neural tube has formed to then develop into the brain and spinal cord. By the 5th week , there was a small seed in the embryo that by the 6th week had developed into a fetal heart and started the first beats. In the following week, the upper and lower extremities of the fetus also began to appear. By the 9th week, according to midwives perth, the embryo has developed into a complete fetus. It can be said that the first 3 months of mother and baby have laid the foundations for both pregnancy and for the development of babies later. So, how to take care of pregnant women in the first 3 months like how will make the best start for the baby?

  1. Nourish pregnancy with a healthy diet

What nutrients should be added?

Nutrition is the source for all: A healthy body, a smooth pregnancy. This is also the first step to note in the way pregnant women take care of the first 3 months. The first 3 months of pregnancy cannot lack the following important nutrients:

– Folic acid : Folic acid or vitamin B9 helps to reduce neural tube defects that occur during the formation of fetal parts. Mothers need to take 400IU of folic acid daily for at least the first 3 months of pregnancy. In addition to a diet consisting of foods rich in folic acid such as spinach and broccoli, moms can also use a multivitamin for pregnant women to meet the body’s needs now.

– Iron : Iron participates in the process of hematopoiesis. Iron deficiency, the mother’s body anemia and does not ensure the transport of nutrients from the mother to the embryo and fetus. To avoid iron deficiency in the first 3 months, moms should eat a lot of lean meats such as pork tenderloin, lean beef, chicken breast, fish … Some vegetables also contain iron but are harder to absorb than iron from. animal. In order to enhance the body’s ability to absorb iron, mothers also need to get enough vitamin C.

– Calcium : Right from the first months of pregnancy, the mother needs to pay attention to the amount of calcium needed for the body. Your baby will grow very fast and soon, if the mother does not eat a sufficient calcium diet, the body will have to use calcium reserves to promote fetal development. And for the body to absorb calcium well, it is indispensable in the presence of vitamin D. Calcium and vitamin D are “companion” that mom can find in many foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs …

In addition to the “focal points” mentioned above, mothers also need other groups of nutrients such as carbohydrates (carbohydrates), proteins (proteins), fats, vitamins and minerals. During this period, the fetal nutritional needs are not large, so the mother does not need to pay attention to the quantity but only needs to ensure the quality of the meal.See more: Dau hieu co thai

Foods to abstain from

Pregnant women in the first trimester should avoid the following foods as they may increase the risk of miscarriage or affect fetal development:

– Green papaya: Mother noted, green papaya is only good when you have given birth and breast-fed. If you eat green papaya in the early stages of pregnancy, there is a risk of miscarriage.

– Moringa: Despite being dubbed the “king” of nutritious vegetables, Moringa is not an option for pregnant women because it can cause miscarriage.

– Sam vegetables : This vegetable is not very common, but mothers should still be cautious, avoiding eating in the first 3 months because it can cause miscarriage.

– Live foods : Raw vegetables, meat, fish, raw eggs are all on the “black list” that pregnant women need to abstain during pregnancy because they can contain dangerous bacteria.

  1. Take care of sleep

The signs of pregnancy appearing during this time such as back pain, heartburn, frequent urination, nausea … can make pregnant mothers lose sleep. In ways to care for pregnant women for the first 3 months, sleep is an important part of attention. To get a good night’s sleep, moms should avoid getting tired, eat a moderate amount of food in the evening, and go to bed early. In addition, some tips to help mothers have a good sleep in the first 3 months include:

– Sleeping in the right position: Mothers should practice sleeping position lying on their left side, raising their feet high by putting pillows under their feet to reduce discomfort.

– Exercise regularly: Maintaining daily exercise helps reduce stress, while helping the muscles relax against the symptoms of cramps. Mothers should walk 30 minutes a day and maintain this habit throughout pregnancy. In addition, some other ideal options include swimming, yoga, dancing … Avoid activities that can make mom fall.

– Napping just right : Do not sleep too much during the day will make it difficult for mothers to sleep well and sleep at night.

  1. Change your living habits to be healthier

Right from the first 3 months of pregnancy , mothers should change harmful habits such as:

– Staying up late: Staying up late makes pregnant women tired, and the fetus will also “inherit” this bad habit of the mother. If you do not want your baby to cry much at night because of the habit of waking up, try to go to bed early when you are pregnant.

– Going to crowded places : Crowded and crowded places are not an ideal destination for pregnant mothers because they can become infected and affect the fetus.

– Workaholic: Too stressed during pregnancy will adversely affect the development of the fetus

– Drink lots of tea and coffee: Drinking tea and coffee during pregnancy can make the heart beat fast, nervous and especially, drinking too close to meals reduces the absorption of iron.

Thus, in order to have a reasonable way to take care of pregnant women in the first 3 months, mothers not only need to care about what to do but also pay attention to things to abstain from or change. From those first steps, mom will have a healthy pregnancy and enjoy many memorable moments.

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