How Does a Custom Android App Help in Improving Business Efficiency?

Most businesses are suffering from immense operational challenges from scattered sources of information and a heavy reliance on paper processes to significant data entry, to some degree. All of this combined means that processes are basically inefficient, not cost effective, and certainly not as productive as they could otherwise be. However, there may be just one brilliant solution to eliminate all these inefficiencies in one go – custom Android application development. You see, custom apps are easy to build, require a minimal investment, and are flexible enough to be used for a whole variety of important purposes. 

Sharper Insights

Today, in this digital age, businesses find that they are overwhelmed with volumes of data scattered throughout every department due to a reliance on numerous off-the-shelf softwares. It is also the case that a lot of the time this data can be trapped on laptops or mobile devices that are not accessible to the team in real-time. Collecting and analyzing all this data in one place is essential for growing organizations. According to the State of the Custom App Report by FileMaker, 52% of businesses relied on custom Android application development for analysis and reporting functionalities. Because only what gets measured can get improved, building a custom app with sufficient data for analytics is vital to collect quick metrics and KPIs for insights so that the best decisions can be made. The fastest gathering of information and its complete analysis is just one way that custom Android application development can increase efficiency in your business.

Enhanced Productivity

According to the same report by FileMaker, 62% of businesses surveyed reported over a 40% reduction in inefficient tasks and more streamlined processes by using a custom app. By eliminating redundant tasks, your staff gets liberated from intellectually draining tasks and procedures stemming from double or even triple data entry between systems or off-the-shelf software. In this way, you can also rest assured that data entry errors are completely eliminated. In fact, some studies estimate that 56% of businesses witnessed data entry errors drop by over 40% after using a custom app in their processes. This means that by eliminating data entry errors, custom Android application development can give you greater control of your business and also boost your business productivity. This, in turn, results in higher levels of efficiency using the same amount of resources.

One Integrated Platform

Business owners often invest in several software to see to it that all their company’s requirements are met. Employees, then, often struggle in juggling multiple apps at the same time, engaging in repetitive data entry tasks, and wasting time with context switching when toggling between different software or mobile apps. For example, in the healthcare industry, one custom app can take care of appointment scheduling, sending reminders, and filing insurance claims. Without it, all 3 tasks would have to be completed by 3 separate programs, which would force staff to enter patient information into the system at least 3 different times. Using custom Android application development, on the other hand, businesses can replace multiple tools and software with a single consolidated platform. These apps can then cut down on a huge amount of energy and time wasted in the production process. In this way, both the output and efficiency of business processes can be optimized through the implementation of a single custom app, which leads to better results.

Businesses that are suffering from inefficiencies and dropping productivity levels do not have to suffer alone any longer. In fact, one of the best ways for them to deal with scattered sources of information, a severe reliance on paper processes, and significant data entry errors is to invest in a custom Android application. These types of apps are known to eliminate redundant tasks, streamline processes, improve insights and reporting capabilities, enhance productivity, and also act as a single consolidated platform from which to carry out some of the most complex business processes. 

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