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Hell’s Kitchen is now a game. If you didn’t have enough of Gordon Ramsey and his popular reality tv show you will be excited to hear  Hell’s Kitchen is now also a slot machine. The game developer NetEnt is known for their “rock-legend” themed games and Ramsey is definitely rocking the kitchen.   

Slot gaming is one of the most enjoyed forms of online casino play out of them all. With features like free spins, extra multipliers, and awesome in-game animations, it’s no wonder that thousands of players love to partake in this type of gaming.

All of the games that you see with online casino sites are made available thanks to software providers, as you all may know. NetEnt is constantly raising the bar for these games, and recently they have been making huge strides towards celebrity-themed video slots.

These sorts of games are sure to keep you entertained, and we’ve given a few details about NetEnt’s brand new celebrity slots below. 

The Ozzy Osbourne Slot Game

NetEnt released the Ozzy Osbourne slot game in November 2019 (game facts and review: Given that Ozzy Osbourne has been a legend thanks to his rock and roll antics, this was always going to be a fan favorite. This is just one of NetEnt’s various slots that contain theme music, and when you are spinning those reels you will be entertained by tracks from the ‘Prince of Darkness’ himself.

Within this game, you can also access bonus bets, re-spins, and an increased number of multipliers, as well as generally great graphics for when you are playing. Each time that you spin the reels you can watch the ‘symbol charge up’ increasing too, so there is never a spin where you are rewarded with nothing.

It would seem that Ozzy Osbourne just keeps on giving, even after his flamboyant rock career has been left in the past. 

Gordan Ramsay – Hell’s Kitchen Slot Game

Some might say that Ozzy Osbourne and Gordon Ramsay have quite a few things in common. They are both not afraid to speak their mind, that’s for sure, and their choice of language can often be very colorful. This became extremely apparent when Gordon Ramsay took center stage in his TV program, Hell’s Kitchen.

He is a guy that just tells it how it is, and when something falls below the quality that he expects, you better run for cover. With that in mind, you can be sure that if Gordon Ramsay is attaching his name to a slot game, it is going to be rather impressive.

The licensing agreement between Ramsay and NetEnt was just recently announced and the buzz has continued since. The game will feature many of Ramsay’s classic catchphrases, and of course, there will be a theme of Hell’s Kitchen used for many of the in-game features. 

Unfortunately, there is no real indicator as of yet for when this game will be ready for release, but we would definitely watch this space if you are a fan of Gordon Ramsay or a fan of celebrity slots in general. 

What Next for NetEnt’s Celebrity Range?

As we have already seen that NetEnt has created a slot game for Ozzy Osborne and Gordon Ramsay, we are tempted to be optimistic and say that the sky’s the limit. Ozzy Osbourne may not strictly be in the limelight as a celebrity anymore, but Gordon Ramsay is a huge celebrity right now. This does make you wonder, if they are able to pull off a deal with a guy of this caliber, what more could they achieve regarding celebrity slots?

It’s difficult to predict really who they will go after next, but based on the success of the Ozzy Osbourne slot, we believe that we could be seeing celebrity slots rolled out at record pace over the coming months. 

NetEnt is one of the first software brands to place a strong focus on celebrity endorsements for their games, which we believe makes them one of the most exciting providers too. Since they are responsible for some of the most popular video slots online, there is no reason that they will not continue to go from strength to strength. 

What Do I Get With Celebrity Slot Games?

Usually, when there is a celebrity-themed slot game that comes to market, you are going to see themed music, catchphrases, extra bonuses, and increasing multipliers. There is, of course, no guarantee that these games will payout at a higher rate than other slot games, but the general level of enjoyment that you will get should be right up there.

Whether you are a fan of celebrity slots or not, it’s always good to switch up the type of games that you play. This is exactly what NetEnt will continue to provide as their celebrity slot gaming catalog continues to expand. 

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