People have been using image editing services for quite some time now. In order to come up with appealing photographs for marketing online, it is now possible to achieve this goal using a smartphone. In fact, there is a variety of applications online that can be used to make pictures more appealing to the human eye.

These applications are the perfect alternatives if you have been using background removal services. They include: Photo-shop express, face-tune, VSCO camera, snap-seed, visage makeup editor, just to mention but a few. Now let us see how these applications work one by one.


In order to upload multiple pictures as one, this application comes in handy for consumers, as one can create photo collages with it. It also has options for the decoration of pictures such as stickers and filters that give pictures lighting of one’s preference.


If you are looking for a suitable editor equipped with amazing filters, you should try VSCO. There is also a variety of vintage filters and the best part is how real they look; not exaggerated, but still manage to give pictures a look that is attractive to the eye.


While most people like to upload pictures of themselves on social media, there is a percentage that just loves to fill their feed with images of food. Whether it is for marketing your food products or just wanting to share with the world what you just had for breakfast, a foodie is an application that will get people craving that milkshake you just posted. All you have to do is play around with the filters and choose the one that fits best.


Have you ever been in a situation where you need to highlight a certain part in a picture such that it draws the most attention? This application has you covered. It allows you to select the part you want to focus on and make the adjustments you would like to. It is equipped with the editing tools you might require such as vignette, brush, tuning, and others.


For people who like to make multiple adjustments to the same photograph, this is the editor. It allows you to use different filters, one upon the other, and the results are mind-blowing.


This one right here, is what you need if you have an artistic mind and you just love bringing different things together to make one creative piece of art. It has a feature, the photo mixer that allows you to combine multiple photos or even photos with text. Now that is art.


Sometimes we attend events, get a number of pictures taken, only to get home and find that they all look good. To avoid the hectic struggle to post them one by one, with separate captions, Live Collage allows you to combine those pictures. The fun part is that you get to choose a layout and background of your choice.

After light

There are times when to make a picture look more appealing, you have to play around with the lighting. After-light allows you to adjust brightness and color tones. It also has a variety of filters to choose from.

INSTASIZE: This is a suitable application for those times when you need to crop out some things on a picture. If you need to change the size of a picture, this is the application for it too. Having adjusted it to the size you want, there is a variety of filters to choose from, you could adjust the brightness or even the contrast.

CAMERA+: If you ever need to capture a faraway object, this would be the application for the job. With this, you can zoom in and manage to capture a clear image.

SKRWT: In a situation where you take a picture and it appears bent, this application allows you to adjust it and make it look straight.

FACE TUNE: There are days when we take pictures and end up frustrated by the results. Thanks to face-tune, you can still work with the imperfect photographs and make them perfect to your satisfaction. It allows you to make changes to each part of your face from your eyebrows to your lips. Now you can confidently share your pictures online.

VISAGE MAKE-UP EDITOR: Again, this comes in handy when we want pictures to look good enough for social media. It adjusts the lighting and adds special effects to the picture.


  • GIMP: This is the Generic Image Manipulation Program which allows editing in layers.
  • FOTOR: It’s easy to use since it used words instead of symbols to indicate features.
  • PIXLR: It is similar to GIMP but easier to use.
  • PHOTOS FROM APPLE: This is suitable for simple basic editing.

It is up to you to choose an editor of your choice and have fun working with it.

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