Matthias Mende – the Entrepreneur with a Dream and his 2020 Vision

Matthias is an Entrepreneur who is dedicated to the unique marketing of additional values of where the company direction has to go, and what exactly the sustainable development of a business enterprise means, in addition to pursuing the growth of relationships in those fields. Clients can be assured they are receiving the maximum quality of services to direct them and their company to the future because Mende is a visionary who knows the trends and techniques of tomorrow.

Since the launching of Dubai-based Advertising company MEMMOS in 2011, Matthias became an Award-Winning Entrepreneur and specialist who’s enthusiastic about technology with the ultimate goal of solving a few Significant humanitarian issues on this particular world as he mentioned in the 2018 London CC Challenge Forum where he was invited as a speaker to talk on a social impact panel. Matthias Sheikh Mende dream is together with the community who has the same vision to improve the lives of 1 Billion people. American Brock Pierce who is Mende’s friend gave him this dream and vision.

Many companies have profited and grown with his help. Especially in Dubai. Mende has not stopped there. He informs in an Interview at Arabian Business the way he constantly desires to be one step forward.

Internet Marketing is a crowded area, so how can you stand out?

“We’re straightforward and transparent. We thoroughly Assessing the brands that we work with and communicate the benefits and pitfalls before expressing our vision about the best way best to grow them. But competition from the area makes it possible for us to demonstrate our attention to detail, that plays a huge part in helping our customers become leaders within their businesses.”

What were a few of the most prosperous campaigns?

“Brands like Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, Bistrot Bagatelle, Vip Room and so many other food and beverage businesses and nightlife business had been successful in the civilization of contemporary partying and dining table. Still, another is Thai Airways UAE, for that we used identifying features of Thai etiquette and culture to provide a vibrant depiction of adventures in the nation. Also normal shops and brands like Mercedes Benz and Audi we served very well”

Which Strategy? Are they a crucial element or passing phase?

“They’ve definitely impacted our strategy to social websites. While we successfully aided brands through influencers, we’ve discovered that not everybody that has a sizable following will add value to a new or improve its market presence. Some influencers do have crucial elements, but that is dependent upon how they present and deliver new messages. Also, on how commercial they are. Influencers can also expire if they present every day a new product.”

“That the end-user is, then pick an influencer that fits both, so they’re finally able to accomplish the ultimate aim of becoming brand ambassadors or at least to work together on a 1time project”

Given the market is frequently perceived as fickle, what Are a few of the challenges you encounter?

“The largest challenge is to Stick out among competing Campaigns, particularly as the electronic marketplace is flourishing from the UAE. But because It’s highly competitive, customers frequently have to spend considerably bigger sums to Achieve great returns on investment in comparison to other nations.”

What is your personal favorite social media and how people can find you?

“I like Instagram mostly; I feel that Instagram is more like a business card or CV. I don’t post regularly on my feed, but daily on my story. Also, I like LinkedIn, but I just can’t keep up with the overflow of messages inside. I feel everybody deserves to get an answer because everybody might be a serious potential client or have some other serious potential inquiry. My Instagram is and my LinkedIn is .”

You are verified on Facebook, but not on Instagram. How come?

“Well, I have no idea how they exactly operate. I feel the verification system is kind of corrupt and strange. I feel since the fake news situation in the world and the big number of scams which are there right now that all people on social media should be mandatorily verified and its a must to have a KYC. I think that anybody who posts any kind of information must be able to be identified. The digital internet world could be safer this way.”

Any special plans for this 2020?

“Yes, I’ve been focusing on launching 3 new projects. A talk show which is nearly ready called Mende World. Then a startup called Link Bar and a Bitcoin Digital Wallet Recovery Service for people who lost access to their money. Already we are operating and improving the businesses.”

We wish Matthias good luck on his journey and report soon more.

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