Future of gaming is on mobile – why is that and what can we expect?

Nowadays, we do everything on our mobile devices: we check emails, schedule events, connect, watch movies, and even play games. In 2019, mobile games made up to about 60% of revenue in the video gaming market worldwide. It generated about 49 billion dollars in revenue and the profit was almost 17 billion. In fact, some sources have even predicted that mobile gaming is going to grow 2,9% annually, and that it will hit a whopping 56,6 billion dollars by 2024.

Worldwide, the number of mobile gamers was over 1,3 billion and about 36% of them are between 25-36 years old. It is expected that the number of mobile gamers will rise to 22,4% within the next 4 years. In 2019, China was the biggest market and they generated 18 billion in revenue. The US was in second place with almost 10 billion, whereas Japan created 6,5 billion in revenue.

Frankly, mobile platforms are now the biggest segment in the video gaming industry. This is largely because of smartphones and tablets that have provided more gaming possibilities than consoles and personal computers. Mobile gaming is huge now, and we are expecting the market to grow even more. An interesting thing to note is also that during the holidays, mobile gaming was even more popular.

Knowing some of the statistics, we will look at why mobile gaming is so popular and what we can expect from it in the future.

Most of mobile gaming is casual

One of the main reasons why mobile gaming has grown in popularity is simply the fact that mobile games are easily accessible. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone or a tablet that they carry with them constantly. Playing free games on mobile when waiting for a bus or sitting on a train is an excellent way to pass time.

Most of the gamers are casual gamers. Only a small percentage consider themselves professional. Free games are one of the reasons why many people opt-in for playing mobile games as a way to pass time. In fact, game providers have noticed this and taken advantage of it: it is easy to monetize even free games by showing paid advertisements for players. Also, some free games include optional in-app purchases, which generate more income within the gaming industry.

And when we speak of mobile gaming, we do not only mean Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga. Nowadays, even casino games and esports games can be played on mobile.

More and more online casinos have started offering a chance for players to play slots and other games on their mobile devices. In fact, about 50-60% of casino gaming happened on mobile devices in the past years, says Reza Shojaei, the founder of Value Marketing.

Social games are also easily played on mobile. Apps are free to download, and best of all, you can share your experience with your friends. Mobile gaming is, frankly put, a great way to pass time, and there is no shortage of new and interesting games on the market.

eSports is available on mobile, too

For some, however, mobile gaming is not only a way to pass time: some people even make a living with it. There are multiple competitive competitions out there that allow players to make a full-time living playing their favorite games. However, before you get too excited about this piece of information, we should point out that these games are mostly eSports games – not your average free social games.

eSports has thus far been mostly a PC-dominated industry. Fortunately, as technology has changed and improved, you can now play familiar eSports games also on your mobile device. For instance, Call of Duty, Arena of Valor, Fortnite and Summoners War are available on mobile, too. The great news is that even though you play these highly graphic games on mobile, your gaming experience is just as good as on your PC.

Overall, the Esports industry is highly profitable. This being the case, it is only smart from the game provider’s part to make these games accessible also on mobile. Keeping the games always in the players hands and easily reachable ensures that the game providers make the most profit.

Even casual gamers get into eSports easily, because they can get started for free. Most players are reluctant to spend money on a game they might never ever play again. By making sure that big games, such as League of Legends, are free to start with, the game providers get more players in and hooked.

Optional in-app purchases and occasional promotions become tempting and many players get into it. Even casino games are free to play in demo mode, and later on, you can spend money on them.

Online casino gaming and betting has become more popular in the past years, and one of the reasons for this is the ease of mobile games. They are easily accessible, you can play for free and you can play anywhere, anytime, Shojaei points out.

5G connection is making gaming even easier and smoother

One of the newest technological advancements is 5G. Thanks to this invention, gamers will soon no longer need expensive PC’s or consoles in order to play high-quality games with incredible graphics. Instead, all you need is access to the internet on your mobile phone or tablet.

Game providers and big tech companies, such as Apple, are already preparing for 5G. Though it may not be available in all the cities and towns immediately, big cities (such as New York) will soon have 5G coverage everywhere.

At the moment, the United States is the second most profitable market when it comes to mobile games. The gaming market in general has been growing steadily and we see no reason for it to slow down – vice versa. The better the technology, the more we can get out of mobile games, and the better gaming experiences we can expect.

In conclusion, the mobile gaming market is ever-growing. Today, we use mobile phones and devices more than ever and game providers and developers take full advantage of it. We get new games constantly and each of them are better than the previous one.

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