A Brief Early 2020 Indie Rock Music Roundup

The year 2020 is shaping up to be a great year in music. I’ve been checking out a lot of new singles, and also one new album, and I figured I’d sort of jump around and touch on some of the good stuff I’ve heard. Maybe give them a spin yourself.

I’ve already written a piece about Beach Bunny’s Honeymoon. Before it even came out I declared it would be album of the year just based on the singles. Well now I’ve heard the entire album and my declaration hasn’t changed. Honeymoon is amazing. I’ve already listened to it three times in full. Once I pumped it while I was driving and it was just an intoxicating experience. I can’t recommend Honeymoon enough. The songs I had already heard were still killer, but I think “Rearview” might be the best song of the bunch.

And yet, I fear I may be incorrect with my “album of the year” proclamation. That’s because Waxahatchee has an album coming out in 2020. I love Waxahatchee. I have a tattoo of the artwork to an album by Katie Crutchfield’s old band p.s. eliot on my arm. Naturally when I heard her first single, “Fire,” I was way into it. It’s a little digital sounding, which is not completely unheard of for her. As much as I dig Crutchfield just strumming an acoustic or her and her band rocking it out, her most-famous song is probably “La Loose,” and that song has a similar quality to it. I’m excited.

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I was not really into Soccer Mommy’s album Clean, but a friend of mine told me that the sound of the stuff he had heard for her upcoming album was a bit different, so I checked it out. I listened to the song “circle the drain” and I did like it. Maybe enough to check out the album when the time comes.

I feel like Lala Lala has to have something up her sleeve for this year. She’s released a few songs, though she’s mostly collaborating with people like Why? and, on her new split single, Grapetooth. They put out a song apiece on a Valentine’s release, with the Lala Lala song called “Fantasy Movie.” It’s a bit of a wall of sound, and not in a fun pop way, but I did still enjoy it. She’s an excellent lyricist.

A few more quick hits: “Berlin” by Adult Mom was quite good. I really like Hinds’ first album, and the second album was also good, but the new single “Good Bad Times” didn’t really grab me. I’m a little worried about their sonic direction. Finally, a friend recommended I check out the song “Bumming Me Out” by THICK because, well, it sounds like basically all these other artists and I have a specific kind of music I am most into. Indeed, I did enjoy it. I will have to dig into their output more. Once I’m done listening to Honeymoon, that is.

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