Why Men Should Grow A Beard: 10 Health Benefits

You are probably a fan of well-groomed beards. You might already have one, or maybe you caught yourself searching for some beard ideas at maximonline.com and considering growing one. If you haven’t yet started growing a beard, here are the few reasons that will convince you to do so.

Beards Can Reduce Acne

Shaving results in dry skin, ingrown hairs, and razor irritation issues, which can cause your skin to produce excess oil, leading to an acne breakout. Having a beard controls the natural oil production of your skin and treats acne. Therefore, if you are prone to having breakouts near the jawline, or the chin, growing a beard might help.

It Keeps Your Skin Moisturized

Shaving your beard opens up the pores of the skin, and sometimes it also gives you cuts. Those exposed pores will create a situation when your skin starts to lose moisture. You might have noticed your skin starts to even flake. When you have a beard, you can avoid all of those problems. You enjoy a healthy, moisturized skin.

You Can Try Out Different Styles Or Looks

Many of you guys might be having that same old look for ages. Bring that monotonous look of yours out and try those popular beard styles. Maybe you like a goatee or a full long beard. Or perhaps the best has yet discovered. Unleash that awesomeness of yours.

Helps Your Face Retain Its Warmth

Having a beard warms your chin and face  like a comfy blanket. Whenever the temperature starts falling outside, a well-groomed beard will ensure that your face remains toasty warm. It helps retain your body’s heat .

They Can Protect You Against Throat Infections

Beards serve as a layer protecting you from the environment. Whenever a cold visits you or  any throat virus, a beard can avert it from setting foot in your body. However, you must also ensure that you can clean your beard regularly – at least two times a day for rinsing out bacteria stuck in your beard.

Beards Might Cure Asthma

Aside from shielding you from illness, beards can filtrate other environmental hazardous wastes as well. Your beard can catch allergens and lessen your vulnerability to them, thus dropping your susceptibility to bearable levels.

Beard Minimizes The Risk Of Contracting Skin Cancer

That makes sense because a beard can protect your skin from excessive sunlight. All of us, we go out daily in the Sun heading out for work, for school, or any errands we have. Those harmful radiations coming out from the Sun can give you skin cancer.

Majority of netizens forget about their sunscreen and don’t wear protective gear at all. Beards allow you to save your face from the effects of such carelessness. Apart from avoiding sunburns, it will lower the risks of skin cancer.


Most skin cancer cases start from the face and your neck, and with you having a beard can block all those UV rays and protect you from the radiation and can keep you safe from all those harmful elements.

Growing A Beard Can Save You Time

Some of you might be thinking that growing a beard takes time, but it doesn’t. You don’t have to wake up each day having to shave your beard completely before you could leave home. Imagine how much time you get to save if you let your beard grow.

They Prevent Signs Of Aging From Appearing On Your Body

Too much exposure from the heat of the Sun can cause tons of problems. It causes dry skin, skin cancer and premature aging. However, since beards shield you from sunlight, they can also help defend you against the harmful effects of excessive sunlight by blocking it from reaching your body.

They Improve Your Looks

No one would deny that well-groomed bears are cool, no matter what anyone tells you.

Studies show that women are more attracted to men with beards since they look more masculine and rugged.

Apart from all the various health benefits you stand to gain, you can also improve your chances in the dating world. You may notice some gurus like any intellectuals or maybe travelers growing their beards. It gives you that intimidating look that makes people take you seriously. It gives you confidence


While beard requires some effort at first, they come with a range of benefits, which make them completely worth it. People who are interested in growing their beards – start right this moment to enjoy its benefits immediately.

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