Why Choose Maine Coon Cats?

Cats are famous for their furry hairs, cute face, and friendly behavior. Though people prefer to bring dogs at home for a more loving and loyal nature, cats have a special place in the house. The cats are considered as one of the intelligent pet on the planet earth.

If we talk about the breeds of the cat, they are many, and all of them have different natures and behavior. The most attractive and friendly breed is Maine coon. This cat has an adjustable quality and will keep with other pets like dogs and other pets etc. This cat is also won many Best cat competitions. The very first was in account in 1861.

Moreover, this cat is playful and very comfortable with kids. So, if you are interested in adoption, the Maine coon cat is the best choice. Lest discuss why choose Maine coon cat? Follow us.

1.     Maine coon cat-Unique coat:

The cat has a different pattern and colors in the fur. You will find different two or more color mixture in the cat. The Maine coon cat has a long coat as compared to other breeds, and the silky skin is growing weekly. This cat is one of the stylish cats with long silky fur.

2.     Maine coon cat-Family friendly:

This cat would love to take a nap in your lap. They always behave very friendly and respond to your attention. If you are not giving any attention to them, they will start acting odd only to get your time. So, if you bring this sweet kitten home, make sure you have enough time to spend with her.

3.     Maine coon cat-a playful cat:

The kitty never failed to behave well with other species. She can play with your other pet, even dog, kids, and other family members. She will never be frustrated by any other pet and remain calm in nature.

4.     Maine coon cat-Communicative:

If you already have a cat or experienced any cat in the past, you must know that cats are expressing her hunger with Meow, but this cat has unique and different sounds of attraction.

5.     Maine coon cat-Size:

The maximum weight of the cat will be 25 pounds, but this size might gain more weight because of the long coat of the cat. Her silky and dense fur makes her healthy looking cat.

6.     Maine coon cat-Healthy:

We all know that pets are caring for different viral and genetic disorders that transfer from their parents, but in the case of Maine coon cat, she is healthy as compared to other cats. She might get two diseases including

  1. Hip dysplasia
  2. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

These two health issues are also because of her dense fur and weight. You must also take her to the dentist for tooth cleaning and routine checkup for better health.

In short, this cat will get all your attention and love with her natural well behavior. From her look to her nature, this cat will surely win your heart. J


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