Advice on badminton racket selection for new players

Badminton is increasingly played by many people because of its ease of play and maneuverability. And to play badminton indispensable a racket that suits your play style. However, for new players, inexperienced, the choice of badminton racket is a matter of thinking. Today’s article we will learn about choosing best badminton rackets for new players.

  1. Badminton racket for new players according to racket parameters.

How to choose a badminton racket for beginners usually depends a lot on the experience, playing technique and training style of each individual.For new players, you should choose the soft and light racket for a little bit easy. control. When you have hit well, you need to choose a more rigorous racket, you can attack well can use heavy racket head, comprehensive play can choose the balance racket and hit on the opponent can use light racket.

Badminton rackets for beginners should choose lightweight types.

Typically, light weight racquets, ranging from 80-84g will be the best choice for beginners. Lightweight allows you to change and recover speed quickly, at the same time help serve faster and change the direction of the game, faster improvisation in the match. In addition, this weight also creates better conditions for new players to practice difficult skills such as hitting the ball around the neck and over the shoulder to limit the possible injuries.

Badminton racquets for new players should choose racket with low balance points.

Often beginners should choose a low-balance racket combined with a moderate light weight, suitable for themselves. These racquets do not allow the use of more force for the stroke, but are easy to control because novices lack experience and strength in the weak hand.

Badminton racket for beginners should have average net tension.

Badminton racket for beginners should choose racquet with medium tension.

Tension is the most important factor when choosing a badminton racket for beginners. For beginners, you should choose the average tension, not too tight. For players with long experience and tend to use more force on the shot, they will prefer a higher level of tension at about 22-23lbs.

Badminton racket has a suitable racket circumference.

On the handle, usually the symbols such as G3, G4, G5 are printed, engraved, and stuck with the weight of the racquet at the position where the helmet is taken. This symbol G has the function of showing the circumference of the grip, the larger the number G the smaller the rolling circumference.

Usually the size of the G3, G4 will suit the size of a European hand, and the Asian will fit the G5. Many people like to wrap big to smash the bridge stronger, more effectively. But the disadvantage of wrap up is that it is difficult for the player to turn the racquet, especially in the case from attack to defense. When wrapped loudly, the grip is almost round and the edges are attacked so it is difficult to feel the rubber, so that the player is more difficult to hit the sweet spot of the rubber.

If the handle is too small, the advantage is that the handle will be more flexible when the handle is almost in the hand, the disadvantage of the handle is that the handle will be loose, the feeling of instability and smashing at least force, not to mention the use of wrap and too expecting increased risk of calluses, especially the position of the index finger when subjected to most thrust in the bridge phase. Therefore, choosing the size of racket grip and the way the rolling handle fits into your own hand size is best. This depends on how often you play the bridge, working hard to make the hand feel the best and through the long stroke process to find the right grip for your hand.

  1. Badminton racket for new players choose by brand.

After selecting a parameter badminton racket, new players of badminton should choose a brand-name racquet. Currently, the badminton market has many famous brands and many people choose such as Yonex, Victor, Lining, Apacs … However, depending on economic conditions, you will have many different options.

  1. Some points to pay attention when buying badminton rackets for new players.

If you do not have much information and knowledge about the racket you can go with someone who is professional and reliable. When buying badminton racket, you  should go to big and reputable agents such as badminton shop.

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