Who Did It? Man-Made vs. Natural Causes of Climate Change

Climate change has been a roaring debate for several decades now. As worse signs start to approach at a dangerous pace, the debate needs settling.

While there are many sides that argue, a lot of the debates boil down to climate change being a natural cycle that will happen regardless or a man-made issue that needs a shift in how we do things.

Most of the scientists in the world have been in agreement for a while, so let’s examine the ideas.

The Climate Change Argument

The basic argument around many governmental institutions is whether the cause of climate change is man-made or natural.

A large portion of climate scientists have declared that the man-made issues are the clear causes, but the debate continues.

There are causes of climate and temperature shifts both in natural and man-made areas. The question is, which ones affect our climate the most.

The Natural Causes of Climate Change

The Earth does go through natural climate cycles. These cycles are often over the course of hundreds of thousands of years.

For example, items like mountain shifts can affect atmospheric conditions.

As well, the basis of global temperature fluctuation is the give and take of external heat from the sun. Temperatures rise when more heat stays in than let out and vice versa.

Small shifts of this can happen over the years. The climate change effects we are dealing with now, though, are harsh shifts over a much smaller time.

The Man-Made Causes of Climate Change

The global temperature fluctuation is a cause of greenhouse gas levels. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and water vapor exist in a natural state. That said, a lot of man-made industrial activity releases far beyond the natural output.

These greenhouse gases are the basis of the global temperature fluctuation. The more in the atmosphere, the more heat that remains over the years.

The ocean absorbs a lot of this heat, alongside toxic items like carbon dioxide. This pushes toward melting ice caps and acidic sea levels, which have drastic shifts on their ecosystems.

With measurements for global temperatures and an understanding of greenhouse gases, the evidence of man-made causes of climate change are strong.

The People Behind the Debate

The causes of climate change in all its forms are gone over, again and again. Still, debate amongst politicians who are deadset on denial continues. Still, there are others trying to find the right solution and fast.

The Climate Leadership Council has been making headway on many fronts to try and push the climate change debate towards meaningful change.

Many other scientist organizations have been outspoken on the matter. They use what little media influence they can to spread the word of the man-made issues.

Understanding Science for a Better Tomorrow

Arguments between the natural causes of climate change and its man-made causes seem like may have a clear, scientific position. Yet, the argument continues.

There are a lot of issues that have a core set of scientific facts. From health to technology, our modern world is a creation of our understanding of science.

To get the most out of your life and the issues that surround it, learn more from our other articles today!

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