What is a Relieving Letter?

Every employee who is working in an organisation, wants to explore other better opportunities outside the organization or company. Some of the employees look for better jobs and some search for a platform for skill development, so that they can equip the skills and competencies required for growth. For exploring new job roles in other companies or to pursue education abroad, a relieving letter from the organisation is required by the employee. A relieving letter is an official letter, issued by the HR of the organisation to the employee at the time of the leaving the organisation. The blog aims to provide in detail on a relieving letter, the importance of relieving letter and provide format of relieving letter with a sample of relieving letter.

Relieving Letter: Overview

A Relieving letter is an official document, which states that the employee is relieved from all the duties and responsibilities, when the employee has served the notice period and is going to leave the organisation after serving the notice period. This letter is a formal communication between the organisation and the employee, who accepted the resignation letter of the employee. The document consists of the essential employment details, such as the Date of Joining, Designation the employee was working, Annual CTC, last working details, etc. A Relieving letter is often termed as an experience letter, as it tells the next organisation about the experience of the employee, and the organisation can use the letter for the background check as well.

When an employee doesn’t receive a Relieving letter, it means the employee has not served the notice period completely, or the organization has not accepted the resignation of the employee and the employee in that case, is considered as the employee of the organisation. 

Importance of a Relieving Letter

When a leading firm’s HR managers recruit the employees, they warn the employees about the exit policies of the company should not be taken lightly, like notice period, and also about how the relieving letter is a crucial important document, which the employees must collect before they join the next company. The relieving letter received from the previous employer, shows that all the dues are cleared and there are no pending dues left towards the previous employer of the employee. This helps the next organisation to make sure that the employee has resigned from the organisation and relieved from all duties and responsibility completely. 

Format of a Relieving Letter 

The format of a Relieving Letter, should be given to the employee by the employer on the company’s letterhead. The relieving letter must clearly state that the employer has received the resignation of the employee on a good and healthy note. The relieving letter must consists:

  • Date of Issuance of Letter

  • Detail of the Employee’s (full name, employee ID, designation, department and the name of the organization)

  • Subject/Reference (Relieving Letter)

  • Employee’s Resignation Details

  • Statement of Resignation

  • Signature (Signature of the Employer, Name of the employer, Designation, and the Date of Issue)

Sample Relieving Letter

Now that you are familiar with the format of Relieving letter, given below is a sample of Relieving Letter format for better understanding as to how the relieving letter look like:

                                               Relieving Letter

Dated: xx/xx/xxxx

Renu Sharma,

Employee ID: _______ 

Senior Sales Manager

[Name of the Company and Address]

Subject: Relieving Letter

Dear Renu, 

This is furtherance of your resignation letter that you have submitted on the date xxxx, wherein you have requested to relieve from the job role and responsibilities on date xxxx. We wish to inform you that your resignation letter has been accepted and you are relieved from your duties and responsibility on the position of Senior Sales Manager with the (company name), with the effect from date xxxx.

The full and final settlement would be credited in the next 60 days to the account which was provided by you during your employment. We appreciate all your contributions at (company’s name) and wish you luck for your future aspirations.


Name of the HR Manager


Hope the blog was able to provide what the relieving letter is all about, the importance of the Relieving letter and provided you better understanding about what a relieving letter looks like, with an example.

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