Responsible Gambling; How to Avoid the Worst

Gambling is one of the oldest sources of entertainment; it is as old as man himself. It is an innate nature of man to make bets and stake valuables. However, gambling can affect our lives negatively when we become addicted to it. Gambling addiction has devastating effects on the people around us and us. What fuels addiction to gambling is the urge to chase losses?

The adverse effects of gambling can ruin us financially, physically, and emotionally. Gambling addicts hardly save money or have investments;

Addiction to gambling will keep you away from your family, friends, and other social activities; addiction to gambling would affect your physical and mental health. The best way to avoid this is by getting the right information; some good sources are: and Here are some tips that might help you avoid the worst;

Have a Time Limit

If you want to curb your gambling addiction, start by setting a time limit, this means you are going to pre-set when you want to stop gambling for the day. This limit should strictly adhere to, no matter what. Even if you are on a winning streak, stop gambling as soon as your time limit elapses. An excellent way to avoid exceeding your time limit is getting involved in other social activities.

Set Money Limit

The same way you set a limit to the time spent gambling, you should do the same for the money you spend; this will help protect you from exhausting your cash on betting. Set out a portion of your income for gambling and ensure you stick to the limit no matter what; an excellent way to go about this is set aside between 3 to 5% of your income. According to popular opinion, people spend one to ten percent of their income on gambling.

Don’t Chase Losses

This principle is fundamental because chasing losses leads to addiction. If you lose fine to take it in good fate and try again later, once you’ve lost a lot of money, don’t try to make it back instantly by gambling, count your loss else you may end up losing more money. Immediately you’ve spent above your budget, quit betting at least for a while.

Don’t Gamble With Borrowed Money

Borrowing money is necessary to meet financial needs; still, gambling is not the best way to settle your money issues.

Remember every game you play there’s an excellent odd that you are going to lose the money, so avoid borrowing to gamble, by all means, gambling with borrowed money will get you into more debt and trouble. If you don’t have money to gamble, avoid gambling altogether until you are buoyant enough to invest.


Gambling is not a Source of Income

Always have it at the back of your mind that gambling is not a source of income, remember, it is just paid entertainment, so don’t rely on winnings to survive rather, have a good source of money, and set out only a portion of it for gambling. It would help if you had fun gambling rather than relying so much on it financially.

Don’t Attach so Many Emotions to Gambling

Gambling is for fun, so don’t be too emotionally attached to your game else; you will suffer emotional pains each time you lose. Think less about the money attached and have your fun.

Avoid Superstitions

There are a lot of superstitious beliefs attached to gambling, like having a lucky table or playing a lucky number. These suppositions are what they are “mere superstitions.”

Don’t Be Influenced by Others

If you want to gamble, let it be on your own terms, not because others are still playing. Don’t let people influence your decision. Sometimes we go against our time and money limit because a friend just hit the jackpot. This is a lousy way to gamble because it is a game of luck. You may not be as lucky as the person who influenced you.


Gambling is a perfect way to have have fun and unwind; you shouldn’t be too uptight about it. To avoid getting addicted to it, you need to follow the following step:

  • Accept that you are addicted
  • Follow the steps listed above
  • Follow them religiously

Gambling without addiction is a perfect way to gamble, it keeps financially and mentally safe, and you will be having fun at the same time.

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