Pink Butcher Paper – Why it’s used for BBQ

In the last few years, the pink butcher paper has changed from something your favorite butcher wraps, your pork chops in, to an essential BBQ item. If you have no idea about all the hype that this paper has created, don’t worry! We’ll discuss this paper in this article.

Why are barbecue enthusiasts obsessed with pink butcher paper?

Before you get into finding why a lot of people are using the pink butcher paper, you need to understand what it is.

It is thought a piece of paper with added “sizing,” which is an inside method that improves the strength of the paper when it soaks the moisture. The main reason for adding sizing to a thick paper is to make sure that you can quickly wrap raw meat without turning the paper into slush while carrying it home.

So when do I use it?

The pink butcher paper is an excellent alternative to the aluminum foil that is used to wrap meat in the BBQ arrangements. Chefs usually wrap the meat to stop it from losing moisture while cooking. The wrapping helps to keep the meat juicy while cooking.

The advantage of butcher paper over foil is that it lets some of the moisture escape to make sure that the meat doesn’t get mushy and lets the smoky flavor in the meat. If you’re running on a tight schedule and want to cook the meat fast, you should wrap it because it prepares the meat more quickly.

Most of the people make the mistake of wrapping the meat too early or tightly; you should make sure that you wrap the meat right. This might look like something of very little significance, but the meat might not get a proper crust if you don’t wrap it properly.

Why is it suddenly so popular?

The main reason behind the popularity of the pink butcher paper is Aaron Franklin, owner of Franklin BBQ and James Beard award-winning chef.

This restaurant has become popular because of the tasty BBQ it makes and the long line of people where you’ve to stand to taste their BBQ. You can see Aaron Franklin using butcher paper in almost all of the scenes of Aaron Franklins Master class.

The FranklinBBQ follows a tradition that stretches back his mentor John Mueller to Louie Mueller, John’s father and founder of “Cathedral of Smoke,” Louie Mueller Barbecue. As people come to know about the fantastic BBQ of Aaron, they started using butcher paper picking up on his use.

Pink butcher paper is now being used by a lot of restaurants to make sure that they make the BBQ perfect. People have appreciated this change because it improves the overall quality of the BBQ. If you haven’t tried butcher paper yet, you should give it a try. You can read the review by Limited-red to know more.

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