INTERVIEW: Fenki, The Outstanding Portuguese Producer And DJ

Today at VENTS Magazine, we are ecstatic to talk to Filipe Ferreira, a Portuguese producer and DJ known under his stage name  Fenki

Hi Fenki, welcome to VENTS! Tell us, when did you start considering music as a profession and why?

I started considering it as a profession ever since I was fifteen years old. My journey into music began at my 12th birthday by learning the basics of DJing and mixing, as well as learning music theory with piano technics later.

Now, moving on to the professional scene. When I was fifteen years old my parents gave me the chance to go to Tomorrowland, which was my dream at that stage in life.

There, I got the opportunity to see some of my favorites DJs representing their own music, and it suscitated in me the will to do the same thing they were doing all over the world – spreading my music.

How would you define the music you make? Genre/sub-genre?

I define it as Dance Music generally, now the sub-genre I can’t specify it, but at the moment my releases mainly are Future House style, but with this one – “CHAMPION” – it’s a combo of Future Bass and Trap styles with some Dubstep elements as the synth sound. As you can see, this is a complex question for me because I’m working in my legacy by inspiring myself with different genres, while also adding my own signature.

When I was a child, my main influences were generally R&B and Hip Hop music with artists like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Usher and Kanye West. When I grew up I started listening to more EDM styles like David Guetta, Erick Morillo, but yes, I can say that House Music and R&B are my main influencing genres.

Are you more of a recording artist or a live performer, or both?

All this passion started by playing music at parties and after the process of understanding music – how to produce, record… I could say BOTH.

These last two years I focused on increasing my music production skills aiming to climb on the stage. This year I’m looking forward to playing more gigs (internationally).

Who is your biggest inspiration in and outside music?

My biggest inspiration is Cristiano Ronaldo! In music, it’s David Guetta.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Dua Lipa, Usher, David Guetta and Timbaland. These are my dream collabs! 🙂


Please tell us more about the meaning behind your new release “Champion”?

I began producing Champion after watching the movie “Creed 2” especially because of the final fight when I heard the Bass Surround in Apollo Creed’s entrance song – “I’ll go to war”.

Why this reference?

I saw some similarities between my life story and the feelings that that specific scene transmitted. I’m talking about resilience, determination, and willpower. When I was twelve years old I fell into a coma of one month. In that phase of my life, I went through a very tough time. My recovery took over a year, and I only focused on me.  I worked very hard every day to come back to the road as good as possible.

What are your projects in 2020?

In 2020, I have planned to release at least one music per month. My goal is 16 pieces of music this year, but let’s take it easy. 🙂

In terms of shows, I’ll definitely look forward to putting much more effort to make them regularly and worldwide. It sounds a bit crazy and too ambitious, but I see it that way.

What has been your musical evolution since your first release until “Champion”?

Now I notice that my confidence on decision to go with a sound or not, is more natural and quick. In my first release, “I’m Running” I took a lot of time to decide details, not to mention the sound abilities which has been increasing while producing more and more.

In terms of the mixing process, yeah, here is where I saw a big evolution. Understanding the frequencies, how and why to apply audio & midi effects more consistently and with fewer doubts.

Listen to “Champion“, and make sure to follow Fenki on Spotify, Facebook & Instagram 

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