How to Clean HVAC Air Ducts and Vents Like a Pro

How often do you clean your air ducts? When’s the last time you cleaned yours? Sure, you’ve replaced the air filter on a monthly basis as you’re supposed to, and you dust around your HVAC as needed, but neither of these is the same as cleaning the actual air ducts.

There are several benefits to cleaning your air ducts and as a homeowner, you should want to keep everything in your home in the best shape possible. Failure to do so might lead to major issues down the road. This is why you need to know how to clean air ducts in your home.

Whether you live alone or live with family, you need the air in your home to be clean and safe. If you’re not sure how to clean the air ducts properly, we’re here to help. Continue reading below for everything you need to know about cleaning your HVAC’s air ducts like a pro!

Why Clean Your Air Ducts?

Why clean your air ducts and not just replace the air filter when needed? If your home has floor registers then cleaning your air ducts can be more beneficial than you believe. When’s the last time you unscrewed those floor registers and looked inside them?

If you haven’t done this in a while or ever, then you’re in for a huge surprise! Unscrew the register and lift it up to reveal the exact reason why you need to clean your air ducts. Spider webs, dust, dirt, pet hair, food crumbs, small toys, and other small items can all easily build up inside your floor air ducts.

The worst thing about this is that everything that you find when you look inside is all of the same stuff that’s floating around in your home’s air. Ewe! Not only is it not good for your air quality, but it’ll cause possible HVAC failure as well.

It’s time to get those nasty things cleaned!

  1. Keep Fan on

Before starting the beginning stages of the cleaning process, be sure to have the fan on. The fan will help loosen and remove dust as your working to clean out the ducts. You can set the thermostat to “fan on” mode to keep the fan running the entire time.

You then want to cover up the other supply registers that you’re not cleaning at the moment. This will prevent dirt and dust and everything else from blowing out of your other registers as you clean out a duct. When you’re done with one, you can then move on to the others and clean the build-up before it can enter the air. Be sure to also look for top rated air duct cleaning equipment.

  1. Clean Registers and Duct Walls

To clean the registers and duct walls, you first need to remove the floor and wall registers. You might need a screwdriver to complete this step. After removing the registers, clean them with warm soapy water in your sink.

After washing, rinse them off and allow them to air dry. If your home has metal registers, then you’ll be able to place them in the dishwasher! Don’t try this technique if you’ve ever painted your registers, though.

The dishwasher will cause the paint to come off, so it’s best to hand wash them. As your register dries, take your vacuum and use the hose feature to clean the duct walls. Use the brush attachment, but ensure it’s placed on there firmly to prevent it from falling into the duct.

You can then use the hose to clean the inside of the duct walls. You can clean as far down as you can reach while being gentle not to cause damage. You might need to pay extra attention to the placement of the brush as you want to ensure that it’s facing the walls.

  1. Wipe the Duct Clean

After giving it a good vacuum, wipe the duct clean using a microfiber cloth. You’ll need to dampen the cloth and reach as far as possible with your hand to wipe the duct clean. You may need to do this a few times as the first time might pull out lots of gunk.

If there’s dirt that’s stubborn, don’t hesitate to spray a bit of all-purpose cleaner on the cloth before wiping the duct clean. When done, you should then wipe clean the area around the air duct as well. Once the register is done drying, you can replace it.

Do this for each and every air duct and register in your home.

  1. Clean Grilles on Ceiling

You’ll then need to give some attention to the grilles on your ceiling. To clean them, you should first try reaching them with your vacuum hose. If your vacuum hose doesn’t reach or places you in an uncomfortable position, then you can use your broom to clean the dust off of them.

If this is something that you haven’t done in a while, then there’s a good chance that there’s a lot of dust collected on it. If this is the case, keep in mind that when you go to clean the ceiling grilles, the dust is going to fall down right on top of you.

Protect yourself by wearing a dust mask and glasses.

Learn How to Clean Air Ducts Before It’s Too Late!

Before those nasty dust, dirt, and other particles enter your air supply, learn how to clean air ducts. Waiting too long to clean them can also cause problems for your HVAC system down the road, which could cost you.

Keep this guide handy and be sure to get those air ducts cleaned before it’s too late!

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