How Can I Incorporate My Brand Into My Office Design?

Do you want to make your employees feel like a team, market your business to clients who come to visit you, and make your office space unique from all the other offices out there? Finding clever ways to incorporate your brand into your office design is the best way to accomplish these goals.

“How in the world am I supposed to work my brand into my office design?” is a question that many business owners ask time and time again, though. They’re not sure how to incorporate their brand into the design of their office space without overdoing it.

There is a science to picking and choosing the places where you add your brand to your office design. But as long as you take the right approach to it, it can—and should!—be done.

Build up your brand within your own office by taking the following steps.

Begin by Creating Dynamic Branding for Your Entryway

When your employees walk into your office every morning, you want them to be proud of the place they work. When your customers and clients pay you a visit, you want them to be impressed with what your company has to offer.

The best way to set the right tone for both your employees and your customers and clients is by making the entryway to your office space look superb. You should hang a sign somewhere in your lobby or waiting area and work your logo into the mix as well.

Your entryway gives you an easy opportunity to brand your business in a strong way. You should ask yourself, “What impression do I want my brand to leave on people?”, and use your answer to dictate how you decide to design the entryway for your office.

Look for the Right Places to Put Your Company Name and Logo

The branding that you do on behalf of your business in your office’s entryway is arguably going to be the most important branding in your company’s whole building. If your branding isn’t on point in your entryway, you’re not going to connect with your employees and your customers and clients right away.

But this shouldn’t be the only place you work your company name and logo into your office space. You should also do it in other areas without going too overboard with it.

If you have large empty walls in your office, it might be a great place to have your company name and logo painted. If you have a lot of windows in your office, you may want to invest in decorative window film with your company’s branding on it.

Again, you don’t have to go too crazy and stick your company name and logo in every nook and cranny in your office. But when you sprinkle them throughout your office, your employees will feel a sense of pride when they see them and your customers and clients will become more familiar with them over time.

Commit to Using Your Company Colors Throughout Your Office Space

When you first kickstart a company, it’s important to choose your company colors carefully. You should play around with lots of different options before landing on the colors that you feel represent your brand best.

It’s essential to do this because your company colors should be used throughout your office space when you’re designing it. From the paint that you put on the walls to the furniture that you set up in meeting rooms, everything should have at least a tiny hint of your company colors in it.

This will work wonders for your brand when you do it right. You’ll instill pride in your employees and ensure that your customers and clients are reminded of your company when they see your colors.

Find Ways to Highlight the Various Members of Your Team

Your business would be nothing—heavy emphasis on nothing—without your employees. They’re the ones who are ultimately in charge of making your company go.

Therefore, you should find ways to highlight some of the most important members of your team through your office design. That might mean hanging up office space pictures or paintings of employees who have played an important role in your business. It might also mean hanging monitors on the walls and spotlighting employees on them throughout the workday.

You can show your employees how important they are to you by working them into your branding. You’ll be letting them know, “My brand wouldn’t be as strong as it is today without you,” when you do this.

Update Your Office Space Periodically to Reflect Your Brand’s Changing Values

Your brand is a living, breathing thing. It’s going to grow over the years and change quite a bit.

At the same time, your brand’s values are also going to grow. What was once a young, immature company with a bunch of younger people working at it might blossom into a more refined company with some of the best business minds in the country working at it.

Your office space should reflect this. Don’t be afraid to update the space and to find more innovative ways to showcase your brand’s values as you move forward and evolve. It’ll help alter people’s perceptions of your brand and what it stands for.

Stop Asking, “What’s the Best Way to Incorporate My Brand Into Office Design?”, and Start Doing It

When people walk into your office for the first time to start a new job or to meet with one of your employees, they should feel a certain way inside. The design that you’ve chosen to use for your office should make them feel this way.

Everything from the sign that you have hanging up over your entrance to the film you have on your windows to the chairs that your employees sit in will affect your brand as a whole. It’s important for you to make sure that your office design leaves a great impression on everyone.

Rather than continuing to ask, “How can I incorporate my brand into office design?”, start playing around with different options. You can find ways to work your brand into the mix seamlessly if you try hard enough.

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