Hi-End Fashion Lookbook Printing

The fashion lookbook is a high-quality fashion catalog that highlights the different items from its brand collection. In particular, it aims to show how your products can be grouped to form beautiful stories and looks, and each different aspect is often linked to the theme of the brochure or the current clothing season. Unlike the full fashion catalog, the Fashion Lookbook usually does not contain specifications, prices, and other useful details.

Significance of Fashion Lookbook

Lookbooks are a powerful tool to present your business. Fashion lookbooks are digitally available and can be easily accessed almost anywhere, anytime. These fashion lookbooks are printed for multiple purposes; they are sometimes used by wholesalers to place an order, often as an exhibition of favorite branded objects or appearances, and sometimes as a fashion or lifestyle magazine. Compared to digitally printed fashion books, it offers tangible access to your brand when and where.  Photographers, designers and models use lookbooks to improve their brand and add to their portfolio. More and more professionals are finding new uses every day. It’s an elegant yet cost-effective way to bring your best work together in one place for distribution, creating maximum exposure.  The content of the fashion lookbook is reflected in your brand. Reputable digital marketing companies offer first-line quality and color accuracy that surprises and attracts attention. To give your lookbook an extra touch of elegance, they also provide best finishes, shapes and custom sizes. They know that as your business, your lookbooks must be different and stand out.

Characteristics of a Hi-End Fashion Lookbook, paper

The paper used for the lookbook is an estimate of its quality. Hi-End fashion lookbook printing makes use of the standard 100lb written paper and providing you the option of choosing a thicker cover sheet.

Good finishing

Hi-End fashion lookbooks have good finishing, thus improving surface resistance. Gloss coating will enhance bright colors while mat paint creates a softer appearance. The matte finish is popular in the fashion industry due to its dull and elegant accent.

Standard binding

Hi-End fashion lookbook uses saddle stitch as the standard binding option due to its applicability. It’s when the pages are folded in half and stapled along the back. Other connectivity options are available but are not defined as an option due to restrictions.

Benefits of Hi-End Fashion Lookbook

Here are some of the benefits offered by Hi-End Fashion Lookbooks

Helps you to get noticed

The fashion lookbook explains that you take your business very seriously and that you invest time and money in a professional presentation of your products.

Make your brand bigger

If you are starting or are a small business, you can give buyers the impression that it is a more significant business with a larger budget, that it is already reasonably successful and therefore potentially reliable.

Serves as a business card

You never know when you might meet a buyer or prospect, and a fashion loo book can be used as a business card.

Some designers use a personalized section of their website that shows the different shapes and combinations they are trying to promote. While owning a fashion lookbook online is undoubtedly helpful, there are many reasons why having a fashion lookbook gives you an edge.

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