What are Dual Sim Adapters and How Do They Work

Even smartphones need help sometimes keeping up with the demand of today’s busy world. Whether it’s running an independent business or frequently traveling the world, dual SIM cards have provided convenience and security for people in many different aspects. Unfortunately, while there are phones with built in Dual SIM compatibility, most other phones aren’t capable of supporting two sim cards. Dual SIM adapters can provide an easy solution for people who don’t currently own a dual sim phone.

What is a Dual SIM Adapter?

A Dual SIM adapter consists of a SIM-card holder with a thin metal strip and, as the name suggests, is a small device that adapts your phone to allow it be compatible with two SIM cards. Dual sim phones feature the ability to access two different SIM cards on a single phone, and now, with the use of an adapter, even single sim phones can adopt the same capabilities. Having access to two SIM cards on one smartphone provides an array of convenient features.

How Do They Work?

Purchasing and using a Dual SIM adapter is extremely simple. Dual SIM adapters have a nano sim on one end and one of three different SIM card sizes on the other. To connect the adapter to a phone, the Nano-SIM end is plugged into the smartphone’s SIM card slot, and the other end is simply attached to the back of the phone by bending the thin strip of metal. Some adapter models are PASSIVE, which requires manually switching between the two SIM cards utilizing the built-in interface on the phone. Other models are deemed ACTIVE, and this type allows both cards to be used simultaneously.

Dual SIM Adapters Benefits

These adapters allow Single SIM phones to function as Dual SIM phones, so all of the same features apply. Dual SIM capability is especially helpful for people who own or run a business and for those just looking to increase their storage. Here are a few of the benefits of Dual SIM adapters.

Don’t Require Two Phones

Before Dual SIM phones and adapters came along, people would have to purchase two phones to have the same capabilities that an adapter can provide now.

Travel SIM and Local SIM

For people that frequently travel, an adapter gives them the ability to switch between a travel SIM and a local SIM.

Business vs Personal

Most people tend to keep their work separate from their personal lives. With a Dual SIM adapter, they can have one card for business and the other for personal use.

More Coverage

Two SIM cards have the chance to increase the coverage area, which can become useful in emergency situations.

Never Miss A Call

If the adapter is an ACTIVE Dual SIM adapter, then people won’t miss any calls even while they’re currently on one. Calls will route to the opposite SIM card.

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