Top 5 traits of an alpha male

Are you destined to win? Or are you another mediocre living an average life and destined to die an average death.

Every one of us nurtures great dreams but not all of us have the capability to turn these dreams into reality. Why? It’s because success only comes to those who possess, and feed, these five traits of an alpha male.

Let me make it clear: dreams alone are not enough. These dreams need sunlight of believing in them and water of actually acting for them to grow into trees of accomplishment.

We’ve put together this awesome compilation of 5 Alpha male traits. So let’s see how alpha males nurture their seeds of life goals and life purpose to fruition.

Here are the top 5 Alpha male traits:

He Commits to Life Purpose

The first thing that makes an alpha male alpha is his drive. The alpha male takes initiative from a strong sense of purpose. Nothing can hold him from pursuing his goal. And he takes every decision of his life considering this purpose of the drive.

He creates, and acknowledges, his life purpose from an early stage in life and remain committed to it across all growth phases and age groups. Not only does he know his life purpose, but he also believes in achieving them and in his capabilities to achieve them.

And he doesn’t stop here. He keeps visiting his dreams and attached beliefs to recharge his batteries and create and learn, new ways to achieve his dreams. He nurtures his dreams with actions and internal communications. Internal (or intra-human) communication? Yes! That’s a thing.

He makes sure that his commitment is so strong it is addictive and he is okay with manipulating his social circle in helping him in his goals.

He is Courageous

He not only believes in his dreams (or purpose) but is willing to use all resources which help him achieving these dreams. He is courageous in using these resources, wills to take the risk, and allows himself to fail and bounce back.

Positive thinking is his great friend. So is his commitment to his goals.

He is not afraid of bad people, situations, and resources.

Looking at the positive results, he wills himself to take action without constraint and grudges. When he soars, he soars with all his might. He accepts fears and takes action nevertheless. His fearlessness allows him to steer away from halfhearted efforts and meek actions.

He is assertive and oftentimes aggressive in pursuing his goals. And, above all this, he owns his actions, unapologetically.

He Leads His Life

One of the top 5 traits of an alpha male is the way he leads his life. Unlike his peers, he takes charge of his life.

It’s a reality of life that humans rely on their social connections for living their lives and achieving their respective successes. Oftentimes, this need override our desire for growth and accomplishment. Most people are forced to give up on their dreams because they cannot find supporters of their dreams in their immediate social circle.

What would you do if your dreams only attract negative opinions from your social circle? To whom would say goodbye? To your dreams or to your social circle?

It’s one of the greatest capabilities of the alpha males. They are selfish. They are selfish enough to say goodbye to their social circle in favor of building their dreams.

No one can bind them. Why? Because they believe in leading their own lives.

Call them selfish, self-centered, or egoistic but their commitment to self and to their goals is the basic capability that leads them to victory.

He Enjoys Higher Emotional Intelligence

It can be a byproduct of knowing and owning their life purpose. Or it can be the result of their unwavering self-love. Whatever it is, their emotional intelligence usually fares better than most of their friends and foes.

According to a well-known website, Alpha males believe in controlling their emotions rather than being controlled by these emotions.

They know the two wolves that reside within them and are determined enough to feed the positive one.

He practices mindfulness and maintains a healthy balance between rational and emotional factors while taking decisions or communicating. Alpha male uses all the available emotional tools to keep his feelings and sentiment in check. The effect is far-reaching and he builds his emotionally strong persona by committing to these high levels of intelligence day in and day out.

In fact, emotional intelligence makes the best of all the traits of an alpha male which dictate his behaviors and actions.

His emotions focus on long-term, versus short-term, goals. And then he is able to discard his destructive goals, thus eliminating the distractions from his path towards his constructive goals.

He Enjoys Strong Posture

Strong, assertive posture is just a byproduct of strong internal infrastructure an alpha male enjoys. All the traits of an alpha male combine in attractive and vibrant physical health (and we shouldn’t forget mental health). This strong physical health joins hand with his deeply rooted self-efficacy and gifts him a strong invincible posture.

And it’s not just about the physical posture. This self-confidence appears in all parts of his personality starting from his selection of words, to his body language, to his facial expressions and his choice of attending one communication over the other.

Through continuous practice and taming, he aligns every inch of his body to remain committed to his life purpose.

In the end, everything comes back to his life purpose. His confidence, no-bullshit attitude, integrity, commitment to self, emotional intelligence, and body language all speak s a single mantra: that he is destined to live his life purpose.

And that’s the gist of it.

An alpha man knows that the worth of everything can be defined by how it can serve him in his life purpose.

Wrap Up

So what do you think? Are you an alpha male? Or are you in the process of becoming one such male. Start today.

Don’t ditch your fears, accept them.

Commit to continuous growth.

And be committed to your life purpose.

You are destined to win!

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