Games Worth Trying in Seoul Casinos

Casinos are a great source of entertainment for people spending weekends for fun. Some people make an excellent fate from them, and on the other hand, playing games at the casinos, and others try their luck, again and again, to get something out of the games. Casinos are a great source of crowd-pulling, so they are built near frequent visited public places like hotels, malls, luxury apartment, resorts and other tourist attractions.

South Korea is not famous for ‘Casino culture’ which is mainly gambling. Korean laws very restrict regarding gambling that they even restrict gambling outside South Korea, and even offline gambling is prohibited. But still, this is the business which is in tax nets, so there are in business casinos which are generating business but bound by specific rules and regulations. Casinos are still open for foreigners with no restriction of gambling, and they can browse as many available gambling options as they like. Casinos like 우리카지노 in Seoul offers customers with a variety of games like


A type of gambling game in a casino impressed from the French word which means tiny wheel. In this very game, the bet is placed in the grouping of numbers either small or large and the colors red or black, the parameters to be checked are low or high, red or black, even or odd.


It is game based which is again derived from a French word. It is a game played with cards where cards are played between a couple of hands which are banker and player. The maximum number of outcomes this game has are three. Either it is a player (in which the player wins), or there is a tie, and last is a bank.

Money wheel

Bets are called on the symbol at which bettors think the wheel will land on. When the dealer has no call left on bets, they make the wheel spinning and winning probability increases when you place multiple bets before the spinning.


This game is an American flavor of a top-ranking game twenty-one in which players are each served with two cards. In this game, players are allowed to draw cards other than the cards in hand cards to make their hands better. After all, players finish with their hands; now the dealer has the turn. Detail of output which the sides have will be:

  • If the player exceeds the dealer with a highest valued card (such as blackjack) the players wins and gets away with the bonus winnings
  • The dealer has the edge over a player in such a way that If the player and dealer both card sum exceeding 21, players loses.
  • Extending the last clause, if the dealer exceeds the amount of 21, and the player doesn’t, the dealer loses.
  • Player also wins in the case when he exceeds the final game score while he doesn’t bust himself
  • If both dealer and player get the same score, get an ace without breaking themselves. Noone wins, which is a push situation.


Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger most straightforward game to learn. It is like, two cards are drawn, and where one belongs to the dragon and one is to the tiger. The winning situation is created when the higher card character is selected.

Slot Machine

This is the most common and most widely used method of luck gambling found very common. Latest machines have buttons and interactive panels while some older devices still have pushed up/down levers which operate the machine. The machine shows a combination of symbols which, upon matching, gives bonuses premium to the gambler.

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