Best Makeup Ideas from Sadaf Torabi for a Picture Perfect Headshot

Will you head to your first headshot soon? You must be beaming with joy with the idea of getting some cool shots that you can send to modeling agencies. Well, first impressions last long. Therefore, you need to look stunning before your headshot. From your outfit to your makeup, everything has to be picture-perfect. You may have already planned out what to wear. All you need to do is pair your outfits with the right makeup for some stunning headshots.

Best makeup ideas for headshots

Veteran makeup artist, Sadaf Torabi, in many of her tutorial videos on Instagram mentions that you need to get a natural look instead of doing light makeup. Sadaf has completed many makeup training courses before becoming a professional makeup artist and makeup trainer. She suggests that you should maintain consistency when it comes to blending a natural look with light makeup. There’s nothing wrong with combining the two, but make sure they blend well. You wouldn’t want to use light makeup and end up looking blunt in your headshots. 

Select your color of foundation wisely 

It is easy to apply several layers of makeup before a headshot. But that may not be necessary, according to Sadaf Torabi. It is essential to show your original skin tone in your headshots. You wouldn’t want to look darker in your photos when you actually have a fair skin tone and vice versa. Therefore, always match your foundation’s color with your skin tone. Again, there is nothing wrong with using a darker or lighter foundation, but they are not suitable for headshots. 

Sadaf also suggests using liquid foundation instead of a powdered foundation. For headshots, you should use alcohol or water-based foundation as they dry quickly. Go for the oil-free matte-finish foundation. Hire a makeup artist who knows how to apply oil-free matte-finish foundation correctly. Don’t try it alone if you don’t know how to use it. 

Darker or lighter lips

To-be models often try to look bold and beautiful in their headshots. They use dark lipstick shades to highlight their lips. Sadaf suggests that that shouldn’t be your approach in your first headshot. First headshots are primarily about your natural look and not how you cover your face with tons of makeup. Therefore, you should use lipsticks that are a shade darker than what you look best after applying makeup.

For example, you want to wear red in your headshots. Try selecting a red lipstick that is a shade darker than what you will wear. You can also use lip gloss to make your lips look fuller. 

Touchup your eyes

Eyebrows can make a significant difference in how you look in your headshots. Make sure you wax and shape your eyebrows at least two days before the shoot. Try to make them look fuller and fluffier. Sadaf recommends using mascara on your eyebrows to make them look darker.

Now that you have the best makeup tips for your headshot from one of the best makeup artists make sure you follow them religiously. It may hand you your first modeling contract or maybe an audition in an upcoming movie.

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