6 Genius Baking Tips Everyone Should Know

The people who love to bake do not seek it as a task, rather they look at baking as their passion. People tend to spend hours in baking their favorite foods, looking at different recipes and then giving them out to their friends and family members to get their valuable feedback. This is one of the reasons why baking is not just about the food itself, it is also about the love and sharing behavior that envelops it. Thus, to make things easier for you, we have listed down some of the most essential baking tips that would not only improve your overall baking skills, but it would also help you in understanding the difference aspects of baking that directly or indirectly affects the taste.


It is vital to choose the right kind of bakeware for your baking sessions. Many chefs recommend silicone bakeware because of their ease of use and as they are especially formed for this purpose. With silicone bakeware you are cannot only be sure of no contamination of your food with different harmful chemicals but it would also ensure that your baked food pops out easily without any hassle. This is one of the most important parts of baking as while trying to pop-out the food from the container, many of us damage its structure which totally ruins the shape.

This discourages a lot of beginners as it feels as if all their effort and hard work was in vain. Thus, choosing the right kind of bakeware is the first step of baking your food as it has a considerable impact on your final output.

Butter Consistency

Most of the baking starts with the butter. Thus, it is essential to have the right amount and kind of butter to get the perfect consistency that you’ve always dreamed of. Most of the butter are stored in 3 conditions, melted, chilled and softened.

Many pastry chefs advice to add butter that is at room temperature. This will give you the perfect fluffiness and consistency in your baked items.

Room Temperature

When a recipe asks for adding items at room temperature then they don’t just suggest it for fun. There is a solid reason behind it. Everything that a recipe suggests to be at the room temperature must be at room temperature like butter, eggs, flour etc. Room temperature allows the items to emulsify better as compared to chilled items or items at slightly warm temperature.

Measure the Ingredients

Always measure your ingredients beforehand and keep them available before starting your baking sessions. As a delay in adding particular ingredients can have an adverse effect on the output. Thus, it would not only improve your baking skill but would also reduce the hassle of measuring and adding ingredients one by one during the process.

Oven Thermometer

No one can deny the importance of oven thermometer when it comes to baking. The thermometers play an essential role in getting the perfect output. Only if you have a new oven or you just had your oven calibrated, only in these scenarios you can skip buying the thermometer. Otherwise, most of the oven temperatures are inaccurate and unless you have an oven thermometer, you are likely to miss the temperature mentioned in your recipe.

With the passage of time, ovens develop blockages that might reduce their temperature or a malfunction might increase their temperature which might result in under baked or dry cake that would lack the flavor.

Oven Door

Most of us make the mistake of opening our oven doors too frequently during the baking session to constantly check the fluffiness of our cake or pastry. This results in sudden temperature rise as the cold air seeps in, this can totally destroy your perfect recipe. Thus, unless it is essential, try to keep your oven door closed during the baking sessions otherwise you might end up ruining the cake just trying to make it better.

Cookie Dough

If you are trying to bake delicious cookies for your friends and family members then always chill the cookie dough. It protects the dough from stretching out and results in a solid and thicker cookie that everyone loves to eat.

If the dough spreads too much, then it is likely that there would be a touch of fluffiness in your cookies or they might crack too easily. Thus having chilled cookie dough is one of the basics of baking the perfect cookies for your loved ones.

By following these basic but essential baking tips you can be sure of the perfectly baked food that your friends and family members would love. This would not only act as a fuel to your passion but would also attract praise from the ones that matter. Also, always follow the recipe to its fullest and never replace the ingredients as all the recipes by chefs are prepared by trial and error process and all the ingredients have their place because of a certain reason. Thus, replacing those ingredients with another one might adversely affect the outcome.

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