3 Need-to-Know Tips for Encouraging Employee Safety in 2020

Did you know that the number of work-related deaths in 2019 was at its highest recorded in the last two decades?

Whether you own a business in transportation, construction, retail, or even finances, understanding the importance of employee safety can help you to reduce your employee’s risks to accidents. Not only do you care about your employees and want to keep them safe, but you’ll also avoid having to deal with worker’s compensation claims and lawsuits.

If you want to make sure that your employees are staying safe in 2020, finding ways to encourage employee safety is essential. That’s why we’ve created a complete guide to help you better understand how to encourage employee’s safety. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Create A Safety Program

The best way that you can go about encouraging employee safety is to create a safety program. Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index has reported that workplace injuries can cost a business more than $58 billion per year.

By introducing a safety program to your employees, you can help to make your team aware of the steps that they can take to avoid accidents. Also, it’ll give your employees an idea of how to properly use personal protective equipment and other types of equipment to reduce the likelihood of an injury.

2. Train Your Employees

Without any training, you can expect your employees to follow safe working practices. You should regularly hold safety training for any new employees. Plus, you should offer safety refreshment courses for your experienced employees.

A productive safety training session should have:

  • Emergency response for accidents
  • Informing your employes of their OSHA rights
  • Demonstrations on how to safely and adequately use machinery and/or any equipment
  • How to properly wear personal protective equipment
  • How to identify work-related hazards
  • How to handle any hazards that they identify
  • How to report any unsafe practices that they see from their fellow employees
  • How to properly handle hazardous materials and/or chemicals

Don’t forget; you can also send your employees to the Safety 2020 conference. This conference will keep your employees updated on the latest health and safety practices! There are credible safety training sites such as 360training.com, which offer Safety, Compliance, & OSHA-authorized Outreach training. Get your employees to undergo such training to save a lot of money by avoiding accidents in the workplace. Such practices will ensure both employee safety and help save you lots of costs.

3. Offer PPE

Without the proper protective equipment, your employees are at a higher risk of being injured while working. If you work around loud machinery or dangerous chemicals, providing your employees with the proper personal protective equipment will keep them safe.

Also, you should train each of your employees to:

  • Know when PPE is necessary
  • The types of PPE that are required for specific situations
  • The limitations of the equipment and their PPE
  • How to properly wear and adjust their PPE
  • When they should take their PPE off
  • How to properly care and maintain their PPE

Offering PPE to your employees and training them will help to encourage your team to be successful and safe while working for your company!

Understanding the Importance of Encouraging Employee Safety

To guarantee that your employees are protected against workplace accidents, creating an employee safety program is essential. You can also support your employees’ safety by regularly training your employees on the latest safety practices.

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