INTERVIEW: Vorstellan

1) How have you been?

Hey, We’re great thank you for asking. As a band it’s a very exciting time for us as we’re preparing to go on a UK tour with Crosslight and we’re also counting down the months and weeks until we finally get to release our debut album called ‘Encephalon’ which will come out in May.

2) Can you talk to us more about your latest single, Home?

We released Home last year and the song was recorded at Innersound Studios in York, United Kingdom. It features Sam Graves who also worked on the album with us and his brother Joe. We’re really excited about all the attention the song has had as well as the attention our Official Music Video for the song which we released in 2019 with the help of the fantastic crew at Sitcom Soldiers in Bolton.

3) Did any event particularly inspire you to write this song?

Home is about social and self oppression – in our minds we create a home for these negatives to dwell – both emotionally and physically. Home asks why through the norms of a modern society do we feel oppressed and unable to seek help and as to why us sufferers are being labeled as different.  If we’re to put a particular event to this it would be the current state of the world we’re living in and social norms.

4) How was the filming experience?

We had an amazing time working with Sitcom Soldiers in Bolton who helped us create the fantastic music video for ‘Home’. As a band we put together all our ideas for the video and then Sitcom Soldiers took our ideas and put together a storyboard and plans to make it all a reality. All the team there were fantastic and took care of us and although It was a long day for us and their crew it was truly worth it and the final results. Please check it out on Youtube: ​

5) Why title of your Debut Album ‘Encephalon’?

After a few name changes including a working title called ‘Final Beginnings’ we eventually decided to call the album ‘Encephalon’. The word Encephalon is an18th century Greek word which means Brain. This is why our artwork for the album is mostly focused on a brain to further reflect the meaning of the word. We’d also like to add though that we did really like the original working title so we decided as a band that we’re going to use ‘Final Beginnings’ as a tile for future filming work (documentary etc).

6) How was the recording and writing process?

The writing process and recording process was very simple and easy as we’ve been working on these songs for a few years and over the years we’ve defined and shaped them into the songs they are today. We’ve had some hurdles along the way in terms of the recording process but we were very lucky to come across Sam and Joe at Innersound Audio who were brilliant at helping us record everything the way we wanted. Sam helped to transform the original ideas of our songs by introducing lead guitar to the recordings which we’ve not been able to do before due to us being a three piece band.

7) How does Cumbria effect your music?

Cumbria hasn’t had any major influence on our sound as we’ve taken influence further afield musically; Cumbria has a good little music scene but we personally are focusing on touring in cities such as Newcastle where there is a bigger scene for our genre of music.

8) How has placebo and vex red influenced your writing?

Placebo has influenced the writing in the sense of how diverse they are with their own sound as versatile as we wish to be with our sound. Vex Red has influenced our sound because we take inspiration from the droney guitar sounds they produce in their music.

9) Personal experiences you get to explore on this record?

For this record we got to explore the depths of our mind to open up about our own experiences with anxiety and depression and got to alleviate some of the stress we feel. We needed to do this so that the emotion behind the songs was genuine. To us our music is an artform that we can use as an outlet for our emotions. As individuals and a band we’ve been on big journeys over the past three years.

10) ​What us your inspiration for songs and lyrics?

No other specific inspiration – our main focus is around mental health.

11) ​Any plans to hit the road?

We’ll be touring with Crosslight around the UK in March 2020 but we also have ambitions to play some more shows later in 2020 after the release of our Debut Album.

12) What else is happening in the world of Vorstellan?

We’re starting to work on some new songs at the moment and we’re also working on some ideas we’ve had for a while such as our online content channels and potentially an audio based audio podcast which we hope to develop into a full audio and video podcast.

Please follow us on our socials for further updates regarding our album release and shows.


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