Smart Dieting: 6 Key Tips for Choosing a Quality Weight Loss Program

Only 25% of dieters trying to lose 20 pounds succeed. Unfortunately, more than 90% of them end up regaining the weight back. This is because many people turn to crash dieting as a way of losing weight.

These efforts result in the loss of muscle and water, not fat. If you want long term sustainable results, then you need to try smart dieting.

Follow these tips to find a diet plan that’s both safe and effective.

  1. Lifestyle Changes 

Your lifestyle choices are one of the main reasons you have gained weight and are out of shape. You need to choose a weight loss program that will address your choices and help you make changes. Look for a program that offers long term results.

Wonky Pie says a program like Noom helps you change your thinking patterns. This will help you achieve and maintain your goals.

  1. Credibility 

You should only follow a credible program that’s supported by multiple well-known professionals. This should include dietitians, health coaches, and fitness professionals. It’s smart to consult your doctor and other health professionals before embarking on a fitness plan journey.

  1. Safety 

Choosing an unsafe diet program can have dangerous consequences and even result in permanent health problems or even death. Be wary of any health program that promises immediate results.

If you’re unsure if a program is safe to start on, consult with a health professional. They will run various tests to ensure it will work well for your current health situation.

  1. Flexibility 

Steer clear of programs that are too restrictive. These programs limit your food intake and variety so much that it’s not sustainable long term. This will set you up for failure as soon as you begin to eat foods outside of the plan again.

A flexible program is one that you can incorporate into your daily routine. You need to be able to stick to your new diet while also dealing with life’s challenges and unpredictability.

  1. Sensible Nutrition

Look for a program that provides a sensible nutrition plan. It needs to include a balanced diet and account for the nutrients that your body needs. Look out for these signs that the diet doesn’t have sensible nutrition.

  • Special food combinations

  • Unlimited quantities of specific foods

  • Limited variety of allowed foods

A balanced diet will encourage you to consume food from all of the food groups.

  1. Exercise 

A long term sustainable diet will encourage you to be physically active. Being physically active will not only help you lose excess weight, but it has a whole host of other positive effects.

  • Improved mood

  • More energy

  • Boost brainpower

  • Reduce emotional eating

Achieve Your Health Goals With Smart Dieting

When you choose the right diet, you can achieve your health goals and maintain your results long term. Smart dieting is the only way to ensure that you stay healthy while losing weight. Look for a diet program that encourages a sensible, balanced diet while also having the flexibility needed to adapt it to your life.

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