Most Popular Ukrainian Female Names

Ukrainian girls are well-known all over the world due to their beauty, complaisant character, and incredible tenderness. It is not surprising that many men dream of such a soulmate and want to meet a Ukrainian girlfriend on In addition to incredible attractiveness and charm, the girls also have very unusual and pleasant-sounding names that are easy to remember and partially reflect the character of their owners. In order to find out better the beauty you like, you need to get acquainted with the popular female names in Ukraine.

What are the most popular names?

  •       Alexandra. It has a Greek origin, and its interpretation sounds like a “protector of people”. The energetic of this name has a huge impact on a woman, because she is able to reward the carrier with such aspects of the personality as self-confidence, perseverance, goodwill, uncompromisingness, justice, sensitivity, and sensuality. Usually, these girls are kind, generous, and a little shy. Alexandras are popular and their authority is completely impossible to challenge. Such lady never acts against conscience and tries to do all her best to reach the goal. Most such ladies are tender person, who can be easily mentally abused, so you have to mince your words while communicating with Sandras. They treat mercenary and deceitful people badly; moreover, girls with this name hate rudeness, cruelty, injustice, ringleaders, and too self-sufficient people.

  •       Anastasia. The name Anastasia comes from the Greek and means “brought back to life”. Its owners are able to console, show benignity and fill the life of a person with positive. The bearer of the name form Anastasia is full of kindness, strong-willed, good-natured. It is not likely that she will become a careerist, a successful businesswoman or boss, but society will love her and appreciate human qualities. By the way, one of its main strains is forgiveness – Anastasia can forgive almost any offense from the close person.

  •       Inna. The name Inna has Old Germanic derivation and implies “stormy stream”. The meaning of the Inna name gives the bearers a somewhat disorderly character. It seems that these females are mischievous and not able to sit still, they have a thirst for adventure, adrenaline, and noise. Such ladies can’t concentrate on anything serious, as they are all the time in motion, but at the same time, they are kind and keen. Innas are very auspicious and positive girls and they quiet often become the good social mixer. The character dissuades her from betraying a beloved one or laughing at someone’s failings.

  •       Anna. The name Anna can be interpreted as “disposition, grace, and favor” (from Hebrew). People believe that, the girls with this name, grow up as noble women, but with an unpredictable fate. Such difficulties won’t make her weak. They with a rattle, through force, tripping over obstacles, overcome all the problems, and achieve the goal. Such ladies are usually introverts, have good memory, ability to control herself, and pride. You have to remember, that it all belongs to not every girl named Anna – the upbringing and lots of astrological factors greatly influences the character.

  •       Sofia. The name Sofia, translated from the ancient Greek language, means “wisdom”. In most cases, the girl named by Sofia becomes a kind, sympathetic, wise, and serious lady, capable of great things, and eager for achievements. It is believed that her life will be pursued by luck, success, strength of mind, and courage. Sofia is a sensitive and receptive girl. She often has minor problems in her personal life and communication with her environment, but in essence, despite her capriciousness, resentment, sensuality and receptivity, she is kind, fair, and just a good person. Sophia is a bright and passionate woman, often hiding her nature. Love for her is the most important feeling. Her future husband should be a strong, reliable, wealthy, and caring man. He must conquer and maintain her love and passion. She does not like monotony, therefore, the husband of Sofa should have a rich imagination, be a romantic and fervent lover. A gray and boring family life, without mutual and ardent love, can push her into betrayal and divorce. However, if the marriage is happy and the husband is active, gallant and loving, then Sofia will madly love her partner and children.

  •       Maria. It is a Hebrew name that appeared from the word translated as “coveted” or “serene”. Usually, girls named Maria are gentle and anxious women, but she can become a hard person under some events in her life. We are talking about a resentment that disturbs her pride or merit. Maria very prudently and calmly chooses her future spouse, as he has to be malleable and calm. If the possible partner opposes her influence, she will not put up with it and will quickly end such abusive relationships. However, when the person passes the “hard period”, he receives the boundless love and real tenderness. Her husband has to take care of her and demonstrate his feelings from time to time, as Maria wants to feel the confidence in her spouse and kindle the flame of love.

  •       Viktoria. Its source is a Roman mythology, as that was the name of the goddess of victory. In most cases, Victoria is a person who is almost impossible to predict. For such a woman it is vital to love and be loved, without this, her life loses its meaning. Her brilliant appearance attracts gentlemen, but at the same time she chooses a spouse carefully, since marriage is an extremely important step for her. By the way, carriers of this name marry either very early or already in adulthood.

Where can you find Ukrainian ladies?

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