How to Exchange Bitcoin to Paypal?

Are you looking to sell your Bitcoins and get funds through PayPal? If yes, then we will be sharing some methods that work very well to exchange Bitcoin to Paypal funds. You can change your Bitcoin cryptocurrency to USD and get the funds in your PayPal account. Below are some of the best-tested platforms that you can use to get funds for your Bitcoin in PayPal:

  1. Coinbase:

It is one of the world’s most famous exchanges that deal in cryptocurrency, and it also lets you get the funds in your PayPal account. You can either sell crypto to your PayPal account or withdraw cash to PayPal. This feature is only available in several regions. If the PayPal payout is possible in your area, you’ll see an option that allows you to link your Coinbase account to the PayPal account.

To get started,

  • Go to the
  • Make your account and complete all of the steps carefully
  • Open Settings and go to Linked Accounts, now click on the LINK AN ACCOUNT
  • Choose PayPal (If available) and link your account with the PayPal
  1. ChangeX:

ChangeX is a great website for digital currency exchange. You can get funds directly to your PayPal account by depositing Bitcoin. You can exchange Bitcoin worth $800 in one transaction. Although the limit is not very high, it works without any problems.

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to use the Bitcoin to PayPal feature:

  • Go to the ChangeX official website
  • To create your account, click on the register
  • Choose BTC in “Exchange from” and PayPal in “Exchange to” section
  • Now, enter the email dress that you’ve added at PayPal
  • Select the exchange option
  • Now, you can see the order details on the next page
  • Choose Convert and the next page; you’ll find the deposit address for Bitcoin
  • Make the Bitcoin deposit, and you will get the funds in your provided PayPal account in some time

ChangeX is considered one of the best ways to get PayPal funds in exchange for Bitcoin.

  1. Localbitcoins:

Localbitcoins is also recognized as the eBay of Bitcoin. This platform allows the seller and buyer to connect, and you can sell your Bitcoin in exchange with PayPal funds. The main thing at this platform is to find a trustworthy seller.

  • Go to the Localbitcoins website
  • Choose Quick Sell
  • Now, choose your currency, country, and PayPal as your payment option

The left column has the number of successful transactions, reputation, and name of the seller. One more that you need to consider is the limits and price. Several sellers offer a low selling limit, and some of them offer a high selling limit.

For now, the methods mentioned above are considered to be the best. We are expecting more similar solutions because of the increasing use of Bitcoins. So, we might see many more companies offering the same services shortly.

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