Ehsan Kabir Immigration Lawyer

Ehsan Kabir in Oldham is an immigration lawyer. Ehsan Kabir has been advising on all aspects of immigration legal work including spouse visas, marriage, student visas and tourist visas.

Ehsan Kabir in Oldham can provide valuable advice on assistance to entrepreneurs who wish to commence a business in the UK as well as assisting individuals who want to locate to the UK to be united with their families.

Ehsan Kabir Background in Immigration Law

Ehsan Kabir in Oldham has a background of advocacy in Court and is able to direct clients as to the nature of their appeal hearings. Ehsan Kabir is well placed to need the needs of his clients and put them at ease. Ehsan Kabir in Oldham has experience in working with clients with complex matters.

Ehsan Kabir has a success rate in respect of partner applications, child dependant and adult dependant visa applications as well as Human Rights applications.

Prior to dedicating himself to immigration law, Ehsan Kabir has practiced in several other key areas of law including civil litigation and employment law. Practicing in other areas has given Ehsan Kabir a solid base on which to build a specialism in immigration law.

Immigration works undertaken by Ehsan Kabir in Oldham

Ehsan Kabir specialises in helping clients relocate whether to or from the UK, obtain permanent residence and British Citizenship. Ehsan Kabir in Oldham also has experience in immigration appeals and dealing with judicial review cases.

Ehsan Kabir in Oldham is ready to work with you to ensure you are relieved from the stress of any immigration process and as a result maximising your chances of a successful outcome. Ehsan Kabir provides expert advice, practical solutions and professional assistance to guide you through the application and decision making process from start to finish.

Ehsan Kabir has a strong record in family and partner visas as well as other point based applications which cover Tier 1 and Tier 2 work permits. The service extends to those who wish to enter the UK as well as those who are already present in the UK and wish to extend their stay. Immigration solicitors often also assist with asylum issues and bail detainees.

Ehsan Kabir regularly undertakes accredited training to ensure he is aware of any changes including changes to the home office policies, practices and procedures as well as in the immigration and Asylum Tribunal.

Ehsan Kabir providing exceptional client care and support

Ehsan Kabir in Oldham will continue working with you from the start of your case right through to completion. Ehsan Kabir will assist you through each step of your application. Ehsan regularly checks, gathers and organises the supporting evidence which is requires as well as filing into a successful portfolio. This ensures that any application you make is not rejected or delayed by the Home Office as well as ensuring the bundle of documents in support of your case are accurately placed.

Ehsan Kabir in Oldham ensures all clients whether businesses, private or corporate always receive the hights quality of client care, support and legal guidance. With this in mind the immigration lawyer will complete and submit all your application forms and documents on your behalf. The service provided by immigration lawyers will not just end here. They will continue to liaise with the Home Office until a result has been reached.

Prior to taking over the conduct of your immigration law Case, Ehsan Kabir will provide advice sessions. This allows Ehsan Kabir to assess your eligibility as well as the initial requirements. Immigration solicitors will work closely with you to assess your immigration needs and outline an action plan which will help you achieve your desired outcome.

Ehsan Kabir provides genuine and realistic advice and information around your case as well as details suggestions on the document, your evidence and application forms which will be requires to proceed with your immigration application.

Role of Immigration solicitors

Immigration solicitors often deal with and advise businesses and individuals on all aspects of UK immigration and nationality law. With years of experience, Ehsan Kabir has acquired a reputation for delivering exceptional client care service combined with clear and transparent immigration law advice.

As well as assisting individuals immigration solicitors can support human resource teams in the managing their UK and global immigration needs, providing business intelligence and providing service to private clients.

An immigration solicitor will regularly engage with the Home Office which provides them with an insight and knowledge of what is required to meet the immigration rules and also enables immigration lawyers to resolve issues and ensure timely resolution of even the most difficult cases.

Immigration solicitors will also write a detailed letter of representation to support your application which will include specific case law, immigration legislation and Home Office guidelines. The correspondence addresses the Home Office directly and discusses the merits of your case.

Immigration Lawyer dealing with Indefinite leave to remain

As Well as dealing with the initial spouse vias, Ehsan Kabir also successfully assists and provides advice on Indefinite Leave to Remain as a Spouse. If you have been granted a Spouse Visa and have continually resided in the UK for 5 Years under the terms of your spouse Visa, then Ehsan Kabir In Oldham can assist you in making an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain. Immigration Solicitors and lawyers will often be able to assist you prior to your spouse visa expiring and advise you on the prospects of successfully obtaining an indefinite leave to remain. Similar to spouse visas Ehsan Kabir can review your evidence to provide you with expert advice and guidance and help you prepare your application in such a manner which will avoid your application being refused or delayed.

If you have been the subject of a refusal of an application, then you may be able to appeal to the First Tier Tribunal within 28 days of receiving the notice of refusal from the Entry Clearance Officer. Ehsan Kabir in Oldham regularly assists clients with appeals to the both the First Tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal if the application is unsuccessful.

What immigration matters to Immigration Solicitors in Oldham deal with?

Immigration solicitors often deal with marriage and relationship visas in which partners wish to join their spouse or Fiancé in the United Kingdom, Adult dependant visas, employers, works and sponsors visas, deportation, removal and bail, EEA Citizen family visas as well as appeals, refusals, and judicial reviews and settlement visas including indefinite leave to remain and obtaining British citizenship.

Immigration solicitors believe in equal and fair representation for all. Immigration lawyers understand the importance of seeking reliable help and services which concern immigration and migration issues.

Brexit and Immigration Law

Ehsan Kabir also has a keen interest in The UK immigration System in relation to the European Law. Ehsan Kabir notes that although the UK has left the EU on the 31st January 2020, nothing has changed so far. Given that the UK has now entered into a transition period which will expire on the 31st December 2020, this period will allow the UK time to implement its new immigration system. Ehsan Regularly keeps up to date with this changing law so can advise European nationals who may be concerned about their stay an residency in the UK.

Ehsan Kabir in Oldham cares about each and every single one of his clients and will do everything within his power to get the decision your deserve. Ehsan Kabir can meet with you in person, work remotely for you online or via the Telephone. Ehsan Kabir will work around what is best for you.

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