What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the efficient use of various social media platforms to connect with your target audience to build your brand, increase your sales, and drive up your online traffic directly. Social Media Marketing involves putting out good content on all your social media profiles, maintaining a good rapport, and regularly engaging your followers, thoroughly analyzing your results, and formulating marketing campaigns to improve upon it.

At the moment, the major social media platforms used by a growth hacking agency are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest.

There is also a myriad of other social media management tools that assist businesses in getting the most out of social media.

When seen as a whole, these tools are often called social media marketing management tools.

The Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing 

  1. Strategy

Before going right into it and publishing or posting something on your social media accounts, it is essential to take a step behind, and have a look at the big picture. Now, the first step is to formulate an excellent social media marketing strategy.

What are your short-term and long-term goals? How can you use social media platforms to help you reach your professional and business goals? Some of the businesses use social media platforms for increasing awareness about their brand; some use it for driving up their website traffic and online sales.

Social media platforms can also be used to help in interest generation and engagement around your brand through the creation of a community, which could serve as a medium for customer support.

What is the type of content you want to publish? What types of content would be more receive more feedback from your target audience? Will you use images, videos, or website links? Will your content be educational, informative content, or entertaining content? To start with this, you need to create a marketing persona for your brand. Deciding upon a specific persona will help you answer these questions. 

  1. Planning and Publishing

Social media marketing involving small-scale businesses usually requires having a consistent and helicopter-like social media presence. In the 21st century, social media is used by over three billion people all over the world. Having the right presence on all social media platforms allows your brand to have an opportunity to be easily discovered by your potential future customers.

Have a good plan for your content before publishing it, instead of just creating and publishing content on a whim. To ensure that your posts get maximum visibility on social media platforms, start publishing content that your target audience will enjoy, at the place and time where you will get the most reach.

  1. Listening and Engagement

As a business and its social media following take-off, conversations, and gossip regarding the brand will also skyrocket. People will start commenting on your social media posts, tagging you in their personal and public social media accounts, and some might even begin messaging you directly.

You should start actively monitoring social media conversations going on about your brand. This will help you gauge your online presence and reputation more accurately.

  1. Analytics

Whether you are publishing your content on social media platforms or engaging with your audience on social media, you will need to know how well your social media marketing is taking place. Has your social media reach increased over the last month? How many positive and negative comments did your posts receive in a month? How many people are using your brand’s hashtags and mentions on their own social media account posts?

Using various analytics tools will help you answer these questions and formulate marketing strategies over it.

  1. Advertising

In case you have an excess of funds to fuel your social media marketing growth, invest it in social media advertising. Social media advertisements will allow you to reach a much broader and receptive audience other than those who follow you on these platforms.


Nowadays, social media advertising platforms are powerful enough that they can be programmed to predict and specifically target people who could be a part of your target audience. Hence it is recommended to use a social media advertising tool.

Get in touch with a growth hacking agency to help in taking care of social media. 

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