8 Gift Ideas for the Movie Enthusiast in Your Life

Movies are still a relatively young art form, but that hasn’t stopped so many across the world from falling head over heels in love with the medium. Movie fandom takes many forms thanks to the wide variety of work done within the form. It’s very likely that you know a move-lover or movie enthusiast in your life.

This person might live, talk and breathe movies. As such, you might think it’s a pretty good idea to get them a movie-related gift for their birthday or the next gift-giving holiday.

However, what’s the proper gift to give? It can feel kind of boring to for the same old Fandango gift card again. Why not get them something more exciting this year? Read on and we’ll walk you through some one-of-a-kind cinema gift ideas.

These are all sure to blow the mind of the movie-lover in your life.

  1. Filmmaker Magazine Subscription

There are a lot of different entertainment magazines out there but few dig as deep into the actual process of making movies as Filmmaker Magazine. This independent quarterly magazine doesn’t busy itself with matters of celebrity gossip or studio-purchased first-looks.

Instead, they do a deep dive into the making of the year’s very best films, including thorough interviews with directors and key crew members.

The magazine’s writers aren’t afraid to dive deep into the process, talking about everything from the technical requirements needed to make the movies to the thematic nature of the works in question.

This nuts-and-bolts approach might not appeal to the casual movie-goer, but if the loved one in your life has dreams of making their own films one day, this gift can be like catnip. With only four publications a year, the cost of a subscription is quite low and it makes an easy but rewarding purchase.

  1. NoBudge Membership

Loving movies means more than loving the huge blockbuster films that fill our neighborhood multiplexes. Often, it means finding the strange, wonderful and unique films that bubble in independent theaters and around the web.

It might be mean loving short films, and there’s no better place online for short films than that of NoBudge.com. Curated and ran completely by indie auteur Kentucker Audley, the NoBudge website collects the best of under-the-radar film work from around the world.

The shorts are actually free to watch, but if you get a NoBudge membership for your loved one, they’ll get access to a wealth of special features. That means access to filmmaker interviews, audience award voting, and even discounts to submit their own work to the website.

If your movie-lover wants to experience true independent cinema, getting them a NoBudge membership can be one of the best ways to give them true access.

  1. Streaming Service Access

The landscape of film distribution has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Streaming is now the name of the game, a switch that started back in 2011 when Netflix announced its online platform, leaving their love of discs behind.

Today, there is a wealth of different streaming services that all have a huge library of movies available. Getting your loved one access to one of these streaming services can be the equivalent of buying them 100 movie tickets (though without the fun of the theatrical experience, of course).

If you go to your local supermarket, you’re likely to see Hulu, Apple, or Netflix gift cards available for sale. These are an easy way to give your loved one access to the movies they love.

  1. Movies Brand Hat

Does your loved one love movies and have a bit of a cheeky sense of humor? You might want to get them this near-iconic and lightly ironic hat created by Movies Brand. While the origins of the ‘hat that says movies on it’ may be modest, that doesn’t mean that hat hasn’t gone on to major success.

Filmmakers as big as Josh Safdie or Mel Brooks have been seen in Movies Brand gear, giving the indie operation some major Hollywood cred.

If your loved one needs an accessory that helps clearly display their love of the cinema, you can’t find something more clear than the movies brand hat. If they really love the product, they can find sweaters, towels, and more products via the brand’s website.

  1. Criterion Collection Disc

Movie-lovers also tend to be collectors, and depending on what kind of cinema they’re into they might already be stockpiling discs from the company known as the Criterion Collection.

The Criterion Collection is a DVD and Blu-Ray distributor that releases hard-to-find arthouse films and international classics. The company has built a strong reputation based on careful curation, beautiful designs, and plentiful special features and supplements.

Most who love the Criterion Collection would argue that there is no better way to own a movie than to own the Criterion version of the film. They have over a thousand movies available at the current moment, meaning there should be a wide variety of films to choose from.

No matter what director or genre your movie enthusiast cares for, there’s likely something for them on the platform. Plus, the brand recently launched its own streaming platform recently, meaning you can get many of the movies they feature for a very low monthly rate.

  1. AMC A-List Membership

As we discussed earlier, the landscape of movie distribution changed completely with the popularization of streaming services. Today, movie-goers seem to prefer to paying one monthly price for total access to many films than they do a one-time payment for one film.

The now-defunct MoviePass attempted to bring this consumer mentality to the multiplexes, allowing users to visit the theater and see movies under one affordable monthly total. Though the company went under, their example was certainly instructive to some of the country’s biggest theater brands.

Following MoviePass’ launch, AMC Theaters launched its own subscription-based service known as the AMC A-List. With an AMC A-List membership, consumers can pay one monthly total and visit the theater as many times as they want within the month.

That’s unlimited movies for a fairly low monthly guarantee. It’s enough to make any movie-lovers head spin.

The membership also provides discounts on concessions and invitations to member-only sneak peeks. A yearly membership to the A-List can be a great gift.

Just don’t forget to continue to support your local independent and arthouse cinemas!

  1. Printed Screenplays

Before a movie becomes a movie, there are just words on a page. That’s what is known as the screenplay. Owning the screenplay for a great film can provide a different but just enjoyable process.

It can be fun to read through a film’s script and see how what was planned became what ended up on the screen. Some film’s scripts vary wildly from the wild product and others are there to a T.

If your loved one is a huge fan of a particular film, getting them a finely bound version of that film’s screenplay can be a wonderful gift. They can keep it on their bookshelf and flip through it any time they’re in need of inspiration.

It’s easy to find screenplays for films online. Some might even be available for free in PDF form, which means you can print them yourself at no charge. Others are available in book form, allowing them to be transported easier and last longer.

Want to go really over the moon? See if you can get it signed by the filmmaker themselves!

  1. Ticket Stub Diary

If your movie enthusiast heads to the theater a lot, they might be one of those people who likes holding on to al their movie ticket stubs. Often, these are little tokens of memorable experiences that one might be hesitant to throw away.

Providing a place for these tickets to live and stay organized can be a very nice gift. There are a number of movie ticket diaries available on stores and online that can make a great gift for this exact purpose.

They are movie-themed notebooks with little plastic slips where you can slide movie tickets in. This can help keep them carefully preserved for years to come. This way, your loved one can brag about seeing some future classic in the theater to their kids and grandkids– and have the evidence to prove it!

Gifts for the Movie Enthusiast In Your Life

We all love the movies, but some of those among us really love the movies. If you have a movie enthusiast in your life, giving them some of the gifts from the above list is sure to make their day.

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