The Oscars Just Keep Having The Same Issues As A TV Show

There is a lot to say about the Oscars this year as an awards delivery service. You know, who won, who lost, snubs, flubs, etc. In fact, I’ve done some of that as well. You can find some articles in that vein elsewhere on this very site. Some of it from me. However, right now I want to talk about the Oscars as a TV show. Because that’s arguably primarily what it is. It’s a show about giving out film awards, but it is a show. One that has plenty of flaws.

It’s hard to do an award show telecast. Why are people watching? I watch to see who wins, to see the speeches from actors and directors I know (and ideally like), and I used to watch to see what the hosts would do. The last two years, though, they haven’t had a host. It has served no purpose. The show doesn’t flow any better. It still runs too long. They had pegged it for three hours and it went three and a half or so.

Granted, some of that they couldn’t do anything about. This was, surprisingly, a huge year for Parasite, which meant several speeches done with the help of a translator. That takes time, and if you complain about that you’re insane. On the other hand, nobody got played off. Sure, that’s nice in theory, but it also means allowing nut bars like Joaquin Phoenix and Renee Zellweger prattling on to their heart’s content.

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The musical numbers were all snoozes this year, save for maybe Elton John. They let Eminem perform “Lose Yourself” for no reason, and it wasn’t even the nadir of the show. In fact, the nadir happened when the show opened with a song-and-dance number that called to mind Rob Lowe dueting with Snow White. There were dancing Jokers!

A lot of people were expecting an extremely predictable Oscars. Luckily, there were a couple of surprises. Otherwise, this show might have been a bit of a slog. There were some fun speeches, and I got a few laughs from presents. Oh, and from Chris Rock and Steve Martin, who basically delivered a host’s monologue without hosting. Even though the Oscars make a show of not having a host, they still can’t avoid it entirely.

I love movies, so I always enjoy watching the Oscars. If you don’t love movies, though, I don’t know what you got form this year’s show.

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