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Weight gain or obesity issue is one of such conditions in a woman’s life which can break down their self-esteem, morale and confidence to walk in society. Sometimes this small issue can disturb a woman’s personal relationship or marriage.

Every single woman has a wish to be in perfect and good looking body shape. After giving birth to a baby, gaining weight is quite common. But getting rid of body fat is not an impossible task to consider.

There are so many prescriptions and supplements available in the market which can naturally help you to lose weight. If you are exhausted from a strict diet plan and exercise routine, then choosing the “Cinderella Solution” is the best option for you.

Cinderella Solution

This weight loss plan has been designed especially to help all those women who are worried about their weight gain and obesity. It is thoroughly research-based and will help the natural hormones of your body to stay balanced.

What Is Cinderella Solution All About?

cinderella solution weight loss program

Product Name: The Cinderella Solution
Author Name: Carly Donovan
Official Website: CLICK HERE

The Cinderella Solution is a program that is designed to help women to reduce their weight successfully in just 25 days.

The whole program is designed in a complete stress-free mannerism with friendly and easy to use features.

The program is divided into two primary phases, i.e. ignite phase & launch phase.

Every single stage is taking almost 14 days to finish off successfully. Well, the entire program is included with the combination of different types of food items.

Once all these food items combine, they will be forming a specific biochemical solution which is useful for losing body fat.

You might have noticed that some of the women consume a lot of calories and fats daily, but still, they are blessed with slim smart body shape. The main secret behind this terminology has been a combination of different food items.

The same is the case with the Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program. While using this weight loss program, an individual does not need to visit the gym doorstep daily.

Cinderella Solution Results


An Overview On Different Stages of Cinderella Solution

The program is divided into two primary phases, i.e. ignite phase & launch phase. Every single stage will last for almost 14 days. Let’s discuss each one of these stages one by one:

• Ignite Phase:

This is the beginning stage of your program. This stage will be requiring you to consume at least three meals in one day. This will be a lot helpful for you to easily regulate the series of hormones within your body for a successful weight loss journey.

• Launch Phase:

Next stage, we have the launch phase in which you will be consuming four meals in one day. This phase is based on certain food items which are a combination of various foods. To gain successful results, you should be combining different food items mentioned in this launch phase. Some of the essential food items are:

• Green tea & mint
• Apples & chocolates
• Fish & garlic
• Greek yogurt & sweet potatoes
• Ricotta &barnins

Main Table of Content Manual of Cinderella Solution

This Weight Loss Program has been included with all such necessary information which will be showing successful results in weight loss tasks. Below we will be letting you know about the table of the manual chart included in this program plan:

Chapter 1: Weight Loss from Inside Out

Where and how you should get started

Chapter 2: Weight Loss Rituals

• Food Combination
• Flavor Combing
• Nutrition schedule
• Slim-Sequencing form of Exercise

Chapter 3: Ignite & Launch 2-Phase methods

• Phase 1: The Ignite method
• Phase 2: The Launch method
• Cycling both Ignite and Launch Phases

Chapter 4: Cinderella Tool Complete 14 Day Calendars

• Daily based Meal Plans
• Bonus delicious Recipes

Chapter 5: Macros & Food Pairing Rituals

• Powerful Carbs
• Prime Proteins
• Royal based Fats

Chapter 6: Meal Timing & Complete Frequency

• Ignite: 3 Meals daily
• Launch: 4 Meals On Daily Basis
• When you should Eat

Chapter 7: 3-Step by Step Instruction Guide

Chapter 8: Ignite & Launch Meal Combination Legends

Chapter 9: Portion Different Options

Chapter 10: Food & Portion Blocks

Cinderella Solution™ By Carly Donovan

What is Included in Program?

The whole program is available in the form of packages which are a lot healthy and effective for any individual. Few of the basic packages included in the program plan are as mentioned below:

• Cinderella solution main guide manual: This manual will be explaining to you about all important functions and the major role of hormones during the weight loss journey. It will also let you know about all those hormones that are responsible for obesity.

• Quick start manual guide: If you are not looking forward to following the manual guide from the beginning, then take this quick start manual guide step.

• Movement sequencing manual guide: This guide will be letting you know about the whole workout plan/schedule of your guide. It is one of the significant parts of your weight loss program.

• Bonus daily nutritional Blueprint: This is the bonus material manual because it is included with all those necessary steps required for losing weight.

• Cinderella university book: This book will let you know about all the primary agents which bring weight gain or weight loss condition.


the Cinderella Solution

These are just some of the women who reclaimed control over their body and started living their dreams by doing the OPPOSITE of what they had tried in the past.


The future you and the future of female fat loss is the Cinderella Solution.

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To sum up, Cinderella Solution is quite an effective weight loss program for a woman who is free from all sorts of side effects. This program is also helpful for all those women who have ultimately no specific idea about where they should be starting their weight loss journey.

Losing weight in just 28 days might be a daunting task for you. But this weight loss program has proved it wrong and makes it entirely effortless for you. You won’t be getting magical results in your body in just one night. So you need to stay patient and show consistency in your weight loss task.

If you have a dream to look slim and smart in body shape for others, then without wasting any time be the first one to experience Cinderella Solution magical results!

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