You have already bought the flight, and now you are looking for the perfect accommodation. But what kind of accommodation to choose? A holiday apartment, a private room, a hostel or a hotel? When we asked this question in our International Travel Survey, most participants chose boutique hotels as their favorite type of accommodation. To be more precise, more than 50 percent of respondents from 16 of the 20 countries included in the survey said they would prefer to stay in a hotel on a vacation.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Hotel

· Don’t Choose a Hotel in a Secluded Area

Choosing the right location for your stay is of utmost importance. You may be tempted to choose a hotel which is farther away from the airport, train station or bus station. Or choose a hotel which is in the secluded part of town. Where such choices will always cost less, they will tend to be less safe for you and your family. So choose your accommodation nearer to the transit station or airport, but not too close because the noise of the vehicles can prevent you from resting. You can consider selecting a boutique hotel in Sydney, it will be the perfect choice.

· Research Properly

The most frequent option for research is undoubtedly the internet. There are websites and portals of all kinds that collect data on all types of accommodations such as hostels, camping spaces, etc.. These web resources allow us to know the prices and benefits in advance, see photographs, locate the sites on the map, book and read the comments of former guests.

· Select Your Room

The choice of a room comes up frequently trip after trip. So, we recommend some tips and tricks that will help you choose the best hotel room wherever you go.

The tips and tricks that we are sharing with you here are specially picked to help you find exactly what you were looking for.

Do you want to know more? In that case, let us jump in:

· Select Your Room in the Non-smoking Area

Most hotels have dedicated non-smoking rooms. However, they might not be offered to you unless you ask. So, always request for it with the hotel directly and confirm upon check-in that you are indeed getting a non-smoking room. If non-smoking rooms are not available, try to get a room in the non-smoking area of the hotel. Although most hotels do not allow smoking in the rooms, there is a corridor area where you can smoke so avoiding the corridor would also be a smart choice too.

· Consider Amenities

Choosing a good hotel also depends on various features such as room size, free parking, housekeeping, Wifi and whether breakfast is included. If you are going to spend more than a couple of nights, it will be essential to choose a spacious room. And before making a reservation consult customer reviews. The reviews of other travelers are one of the best ways to find the perfect hotel.

· Choose a Top Floor Room

The rooms on the ground floor of a hotel tend to be noisier since they are passing areas. Therefore, the suites are always on the upper floors. We recommend that you choose your room on the upper floors to get away from the noise. Even though most hotels don’t allow you to choose the room location, you should still try and request a more or less quiet room.

Benefits of Staying at a Hotel

· Always Clean and Fresh

Nothing is better than sleeping on clean and fresh sheets, this is one of the great advantages of staying in a hotel. You can spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time on maintenance and hygiene of your room.

You would n’t need to worry about making your bed every day before going out. And you’ll always be greeted by the nice and clean room after a long day out. And in case you have to clean something at any time, you can do so by calling the room service 24/7.

· Worldwide Availability

Perhaps you are one of those who like to travel without planning everything, leaving space for adventure and spontaneity. The good thing about boutique hotels is that no matter where in the world you go, there will always be one: whether you are walking through the streets of Paris or discovering the most remote places in Bangkok.

Just imagine that no matter where the adventure of the journey takes you, you’ll always be close to a comfortable bed.

That international sign with a blue H, you will find it all over the world. One of the most searched terms on Google is still: Hotel in (destination). This ranks above rent apartments, rooms, hostels, etc.

· Services

The services at certain hotels are top-notch and you can avail of these services when you choose the best hotel.

· Restaurant Options

One of the best things that hotel stays offer is the 24/7 availability of hotel room service. If that is a bit over the top for you then you can just search for restaurants within proximity to the hotel.

· 24-hour service

One of the factors in favor of staying in a hotel is that you can count on a service that will be willing to help you with any unforeseen events that may occur and always ensure your comfort.

If you are in a country in which the language is not your forte, don’t worry! The hotel will help you with the procedures you need such as advising you about the best tourist attractions in the city, buying tickets for an event, going out to a city tour, looking for a good local restaurant and even calling a taxi.

· Loyalty Programs

As with airlines, many hotel chains have loyalty programs that allow you to accumulate points or miles. When you redeem, these points for additional services without extra costs, such as: getting a superior classroom, spa treatments, restaurant vouchers, delivery of the newspaper in the room and concert tickets. The more points you accumulate, the better!

· Accessibility

Hotels are mostly located in areas within reach of the famous places in the city so you can visit them by walking or taking a little drive.

· Security

Your security is guaranteed with the hotels as you possess the key to your hotel room. You and your family’s luggage is safe and sound.


Are you looking for a unique and special place? Nowadays it is very easy to find a variety of thematic hotels on the internet. Among the most popular options, you can find romantic hotels or boutique hotels, which offer fun, tranquility, and exclusivity.

If you go on vacation with your children you’d need accommodation that offers kid-friendly attractions as well, so family hotels or all-inclusive hotels are your best option. Among the many options you can find are: Mountain hotels, beach hotels, city hotels, and ski resorts. No matter who your travel companions are or what your plans are, there will always be a hotel for you.

Each type of accommodation has its pros and cons, but boutique hotels remain a reliable and comfortable option.

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