How Often Do You Need a Vision Exam?

You only get two eyes, so it’s important that you take great care of them and make sure that you’re looking after your vision health.

The best way to do this is by staying on top of your exams on a regular basis. No matter what vision prescription you have or what sort of ailments you may have a history of, it is important that you touch base with optometrists that can look out for you.

Read below so that you can learn more about getting a vision exam that’ll help you keep your eyes at their best.

  1. Understand What Happens With a Vision Exam

It’s important first and foremost that you learn exactly what an eye exam entails.

During an exam, the doctor will check your eyes for glaucoma, cataracts and other such problems. They will look to see if you have astigmatism, and will also administer a test that shows your ability to read clearly.

You’ll take a look at the chart and will let your doctor know what you’re able to see clearly out of each eye. At the end of the appointment, your doctor will give you a prescription that you can get filled in order to get a fresh pair of glasses or contact lenses.

  1. Consider How Frequently to Get an Eye Exam

You also need to make certain that you are getting your eyes checked each year to make sure that your vision is healthy. Your prescription will be good for a year, and you will need to get it filled at the end.

Be sure that you ask your doctor about options as well — such as whether you need specialized lens coatings if you prefer a certain brand and whether you are a candidate for corrective eye surgery.

  1. Take Advantage of Your Vision Insurance and Keep it Up to Date

It’s important that you stay up to date with your vision health as a whole. To get these appointments on a regular basis, you will need to take advantage of your vision insurance.

These vision health premiums shouldn’t cost you much when compared to medical insurance, and many of these insurance plans will even cover your annual eye exams for free.

Make your doctor aware of visual issues, such as blurriness, spots, spider webs, and double vision. Your doctor will also help you to explore long-term care options and will help to explain the link between vision health and the rest of your health.

For instance, the doctor might find spots on your eyes that can point to cholesterol or pre-diabetes issues.

Get the Best Vision Exam That You Need

When you are looking for a vision exam, take the time to reach out to some professionals that can assist you with whatever care you need.

Considering these points will help you take care of your eye health as a whole. We would love to assist you with any sort of visual health needs you have.

Do your due diligence and reach out to some vision health professionals that can assist you.

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