How Entrepreneur Brandon Groce Beat The Odds And Turned Into The Digital Strategist for Fortune 500 Companies

Growing up, Brandon Groce always wanted to prove that he was worthy of attention. Once the kid that was afraid to raise his hand in class, Brandon turned into a designer & digital strategist for Fortune 500s, as well as a design educator. He has worked with some of the largest and best brands in the world today including: Adobe, Disney, Hilton, LG, Salesforce, CES and Dannon just to name a few, helping them build their brand and sell more online. 

Brandon has been told he had learning disabilities, told by teachers and colleagues alike that he would never be able to make anything of himself because of his “disadvantage” or X/Y/Z reason… and he has managed to prove them all wrong. It is because of the things he endured growing up that he strives with all his heart and energy to help individuals who feel the same way that he once did in school.

“I teach because I want others to KNOW regardless of your situation and setbacks, you can progress in your life and career. I want to lead by example. I am someone who has been in their shoes, and I am still pushing to become my best self every day by learning to overcome my obstacles,” he says.

He offers one-on-one and group coaching for creatives and individuals who want to build and grow a brand online and gain the attention their craft deserves. His coaching services are between six-eight week boot camps focused on how to build a brand via Instagram, monetize your brand, and gain clients. He runs a podcast “Design Huddle” with his Co-host Ryan Warrender the Global Product Partnerships at Google and Instagram TV video series for designers who want to learn how to build their brand online, sell more, and progress in their career.

He started his business because of his strong passion to teach and give back. Having always felt judged by everyone around him, he wanted to make sure no one else had to feel that. He teaches the way that he wishes his teachers had taught him. Now he helps mentor and educate an audience of over 80K+ designers on Instagram. He gives tools and knowledge to those who really want to gain a competitive advantage in their design career. 

What Brandon is doing in the design world is trying to make teaching design more approachable and less confusing to those who want to approach or get started in the field.His mission is to make design education accessible for all. He makes learning design less complicated, and teaches the aspects that will actually get you hired based on what management and design team care about in their candidates. “Many design educators today try to make design VERY complicated and try to close the “design world” off to only what some call “design elitists”. I always ask myself, how can I break this concept down to its most essential and basic parts so I can easily translate this to someone who is new to the industry or who may have never come across this type of material before,” he shares.

Brandon is obsessed with solving large and complex problems for businesses and their customers. He loves to learn, build things, and teach. He wants to make sure that everyone he helps receives the very best out of him, and is investing his time and knowledge into building a community that supports each other and pushes for success. Having lacked that support system growing up, he is striving to make sure that everyone around him doesn’t have to feel that way.

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