Causes of Truck accident in Texas

Texas is ranked highest concerning a truck-car accident involving fatalities. These heavy trucks weigh up to 90,000 pounds, which equals the weight of 25 cars. At the lowest speed at 10 miles per hour, an accident with these massive machines can result in a catastrophe.

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that 4,761 fatalities were recorded in an accident with these 18-wheeler trucks in 2017. From 4761 deaths there were only 18 % who owned these heavy vehicles, while the majority that is 72 % were occupants of other vehicles and the remaining 10% were bicyclists, strollers, etc.

These accidents cases are commonly more mind-boggling than other cases that include just regular autos. Death or cataclysmic wounds frequently result from truck crashes, What’s more, since huge trucks are typically worked by drivers who are utilized by trucking organizations, and the trucks are produced, fixed, rented and stacked by different organizations, trucking claims frequently include various conceivably people in question other than the driver, yet besides a few groups of insurance agencies and legal advisors battling the case you are some, how involved in a truck accident you should consult with a law agency in Texas, a lawyer for Texas trucking accident can be hired. This will help you do deal with your case efficiently.

Causes of truck accidents

Over Speeding

Speeding is the number 1 factor in auto collisions all through the nation, and Texas is no special case. In 2011, neglecting to control speed added to 100,036 accidents in Texas. when trucks exceed their limit the probability of collision becomes more and impact of Collison is multiplied several time, because the mass of the truck is huge and in the case when its speed increases it momentum also increase and in result the impact is very high. Furthermore, when they are in high trucks can lose their traction on the road and the breaks may fail, causing an accident.

Flushed driving

Despite the way that drivers of every single business autos are dependent upon irregular drug testing and medicinal tests to ensure they are fit to work a vehicle securely. Drugs can lose consciousness of the driver, he/she can lose control over his senses that is the reason driving impaired is one of the significant reasons for street accidents. Both lawful and unlawful drugs and liquor are a piece of the issue, particularly when drivers go to using drugs to assist them for remaining alert while they drive for a long time at once.


The government has various (HOS) that decides that limit the aggregate sum of time drivers can be out and about without a break, yet numerous drivers damage those, regularly with a wink and a gesture concerning their workers, since more runs mean expanded benefits. Due to these long shifts the company and the driver earns more, yet it results in fatigue which leads to undesirable situations.

Inappropriate Loading

How you load your truck is basic and if not performed appropriately can lead to a situation of an accident. The heaviness of your freight must be effectively verified and equitably disseminated. The inappropriately stacked payload can make you lose control of your truck about an extreme accident.

Maintenance of vehicle 

The organization and the driver must keep up the truck. An absence of maintenance can cause the purpose of the accident. The vehicle should be checked in appropriate time intervals and a log of maintenance should be maintained. Companies who run these trucks should have predictable and preventive maintenance procedures for their vehicle. For example, if the brake shoes are worn out the breaks may fail, tires have lost their traction on-road (they had exceeded their life), the suspension is out of balance, etc. these factors can lead to the cause of the accident.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has indicated that 88% of truck mishaps are an immediate consequence of a mistake by the driver. Driving a truck is debilitating and includes a long workday. Interruptions including the radio, mobile phones, drinking, and eating while drive must be kept away from. Messaging, for instance, is said to expand the danger of an accident by over 2,000%.

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