41 Percent Witness or Experience Ageism in the Workplace

Ageism is also known as discrimination. It is when somebody mistreats another person only because of their age. It may similarly include how older individuals are shown in the media. This image represented by media can have a powerful influence on the attitude of the other people.

If you are going through ageism, it may affect your job prospects, quality of life, confidence, and financial situation. It is essential to fight against ageism to make sure that no one has to feel left out only because of their age.

What does ageism in the workplace look like?

Most of the HR professionals and hiring managers would tell you that they have no place for ageism in their organization. However, it is not this simple. It is very much probable for the ageism to go unnoticed. It is also likely that older employees might take gentle behavior as age discrimination. In simple words, you should not think that if you work in a modern company that you’re clear of ageism, but similarly, only because something looks like ageism does not make it so.

Below are some examples of age discrimination:

  1. Different chances are given to the younger workers to learn new stuff and not the older ones. This opportunity can include professional or industry conference attendance, educational coursework, or some other stuff.
  2. Being passed over or overlooks for the challenging assignments. This can also look like assigning some unpleasant work to the older workers.
  3. Moreover, being left out of meetings and company activities is also a type of age discrimination.
  4. A spoken or unspoken guess that you don’t need to take time off for your family just because all your kids are grown-ups.
  5. People making disparaging remarks and comments about the age of a person is also discrimination. This could be framed as playful and subtle, with other people making fun of your retirement plans, period, gasping for breath after short work, slow typing speed, etc.
  6. One more type of age discrimination is being passed over for promotions and raises.

All of the things mentioned above are different kinds of ageism or age discrimination. These can be easily seen all around the world. According to a survey, nearly 41% of the people experience ageism in the office. You can check out this article by Fishbowl to know more about the ageism.

Why should we stop ageism?

Most people don’t realize it, but ageism is not suitable for anyone. Usually, HR professionals don’t understand, but ageism also has a very bad effect on the company itself. When people discuss a company as promoting ageism, then people will stop feeling comfortable about joining them.

By stopping ageism, we can improve the quality of work because employees that feel appreciated always give more than expected. Moreover, by removing the ageism, we can join our young and old workforce to come up with something better.

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