Touch to Network: New App Could Replace your Business Card & LinkedIn Account

You network to gain new and return business. But an incredible 9 out of 10 paper business cards are thrown away within seven days, according to a 2018 study. Now consider that HubSpot found out it takes about five follow-ups to convert a lead to a prospect and you can see why having your card trashed within a week is a problem.

It might as well be you.

Paper business cards are notoriously easy to lose.

But losing professional or personal contact details means missing opportunities to gain new business, create lasting friendships, and nurture both for even better benefits in the future.

Born to make networking easy 

A former banker with Goldman Sachs, Gaurav Goel, experienced a slew of personal peeves that made it touch to network effectively.

He has talked about how his network was growing, receiving numerous paper business cards, and meeting more people every day.

He remembered how he couldn’t remember the names of people whose business cards he had on his desk drawer.

And not only couldn’t he remember the context of the conversations he had with the card owners, but he also didn’t know whether they were supposed to meet and discuss opportunity anytime soon.

So he came up with the idea to help make contacts exchange as painless as it should be.

StayTouch keeps you in touch with a tap 

Gaurav and his team came up with StayTouch, a sleek new app that lets users bring phones close together and tap on the screen to exchange entire contact profiles over the air.

It takes less than 5 seconds to do the exchange. In case you are in an event, you can exchange up to 25 “business cards” in a minute. So there is no need to carry expensive, cumbersome paper cards.

You can also use the StayTouch mobile app to note where you met a contact, who introduced you, the context of the meeting, and when you plan to meet next, which you can’t achieve with your current LinkedIn account.

The app auto-updates its database so you can keep in touch with people you need to grow even when they change their details.

That means you can avoid disconnected lines and out-of-service emails after they become outdated, too.

It will also auto-update and notify others in case you change your contact details.

And to help separate professional and personal lives, StayTouch will let you create multiple profiles that you can share with the most relevant circles in your list.

It is a convenient mobile app. That means you can take advantage of chance meetings to capture actionable details. Then you can set a reminder to follow up with the person after a while. You’d actually get the reminder in time to prepare a successful next meeting.

No awkward meetings where you can’t remember a thing about the person you are supposed to meet based on what you talked about last time.

Please find the app details below:




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