SINGLE REVIEW: I Will Find a Way by Hourstone

Singapore born Hourstone knows a lot about using music as an emotional catharsis. He first realized its purgative healing power at the age of fifteen when his father died unexpectedly. Hourstone turned to playing piano as a way of assuaging his grief and began composing his own music at a feverish clip attempting to synthesize his grief into art. His music, over time, has transformed into much more – entertaining and resplendent with hope. Deep house influences are rife throughout his music and strains of the style streak through his new single “I Will Find A Way” but the traditional elements of a ballad are present as well. Despite those traditional touches, however, Hourstone’s songwriting has distinctive and individual qualities setting it apart from the pack.


One of those qualities is how he approaches vocals. There is a muted feathery lightness in his singing appropriate for the arrangement and he lapses into his speaking voice at critical points during the recording. The blending of the two approaches gives “I Will Find A Way” a pleasing theatrical slant, but it is never pronounced or stagy. Some may even hear a cinematic flair in the song’s presentation. He uses his voice in a dynamic fashion that enhances the dominant mood of the performance – while it strikes a hopeful note, to be sure, there is an inherent melancholy in the heart of “I Will Find A Way” that is undeniable.


His lyrics are strong with images, but he chooses the imagery with a poet’s ear and never risk obscurity. It is an intensely personal song, that’s apparent even on a first listen, but Hourstone clearly wants his songwriting to resonate with listeners. Anyone who recognizes the taste of life’s struggles will connect with the song’s lyrics and his deeply felt vocal treatment enhances their quality a great deal.

There is light percussion throughout the performance, but the key musical components are synthesizers and piano. The latter forms the melodic foundation of the performance and his talents on the instrument are unmistakable. Synthesizers often give the track a sense of near symphonic grandeur it might have otherwise lacked and those peaks in the performance rank among its finest moments. He is obviously in full command of his musical powers with this new single and the ebb and flow of the arrangement invites more than just a single listen.

Hourstone has experienced considerable success with his previous singles and it isn’t a stretch to assume “I Will Find A Way” will enjoy enormous popularity as well. His artistic sensibilities are in full flower throughout the entirety of this brief ballad and, despite its brevity, he manages to conjure a rich musical world for listeners to enjoy. His art may have its initial origins in grief, but you cannot confine Hourstone’s ultimate triumph to one song or fifty. Discovering a way to transmute his experiences from deep within into musical art is his greatest victory and “I Will Find A Way” expresses that in elegant and stunningly beautiful fashion.

by Bethany Page

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