INTERVIEW: Sujit Kundu, Founder and CEO of SKAM Artist

How were you drawn into the world of music? Has this always been a passion you had?

It just kind of happened! I wouldn’t say I was drawn to music, more to the business and the hustle of music and the energy that live performances and crowds bring.

While many choose to go in front of the stage and camera – what made you want to start a career behind the scenes?

I have zero talent to be in front of the camera or performing – I wasn’t blessed with that lol.

Was it easy getting into this world? 

Honestly, it probably is much harder now. When I got into the industry hip hop was just starting as a culture and sound.

When did you decide that a career in DJ booking was your calling?

When I graduated college I knew I had to get a job, start paying bills and enter the real world per say. Once I realized I could pay my bills and still have fun, I was definitely interested. I don’t consider myself a DJ booker but more of a booking agent/record exec.

How has social media revolutionized the music booking /DJ Industry? 

It has made the world much smaller and access much easier – venues, djs, agents are one DM away.

With some weak or fraudulent events and festivals like FYRE Festival taking place around the world, how do you avoid falling for this type of events? 

I can usually tell if something is going to be smooth and well set up and/or if something is going to be an issue. I have little checks and balances and if you fail too many we just won’t go!

Have you been victim of any sort of similar events?

Yes of course! In my early promoting days there were many fake events or not well planned out events. Often we would arrive and what we thought we were walking into wasn’t where we ended up. The key is being prepared.

With EDM and DJs breaking through and establishing in the mainstream both behind a turntable and as producers – how do you walk through this competitive arena? 

Work hard and be honest.

Is there a benefit in being able to work with all different genres of music since there is so much crossover and collaborations these days?

Many people specialize in one genre of music, but being able to work in all genres allows me to see the business through multiple different perspectives and provides my clients with a better understanding. I’m also able to provide buyers various options for their needs. For example, they may come to me for a hip hop DJ, enjoy the experience of working with us and then have a need for an EDM DJ and look to us to provide first.

What is one thing you could tell your younger self?  

I would probably put a little less faith in people. Usually most people end up letting you down….maybe not in 6 months, 1 year, but eventually people end up letting you down

What else is happening next in your world? 

Trying to expand my brand to be more of a global brand.

Where can we follow you to keep up with you and all of SKAM Artists’ DJs? 

Instagram/Twitter  @skamartist 


Photo credit – Dylan Lujano (@DylanLujano)

Wardrobe credit – John Varvatos (@Johnvarvatos)

Location credit – Hyde Sunset (@HydeSunset)

Styling credit – Siam Patama (@SiamPatama)

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