How to Choose a Moisture Analyzer

If you are considering buying a moisture analyzer, this article is for you. We are going to tell you about all the basic things which a good moisture analyzer should have. Picking the best one out of so many moisture analyzers by different companies in the market might be a tricky thing. Torbal BTS 110 Moisture analyzer is one of the best products available in the market that you can use. This article will help you in getting the perfect one. So, let’s begin!

What is a Moisture Analyzer?

Before discussing the properties and specs, let’s just know what a moisture analyzer actually is and what it is for.

Moisture Analyzer in simple words is an instrument that measures the moisture content from different samples and calculates the loss of weight after drying. It mainly consists of a weighing unit and a drying unit.

Moisture Analyzers are used in a number of industries including food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and other laboratories, units and for educational purposes as well.

How to pick the best one:

The following are the things that you should keep in mind before buying a moisture analyzer.

1- Brand and Warranty:

The first and foremost thing is choosing a reliable company. If you are going to buy through the internet, just go to their website and read the company’s details and reviews by real customers prior to buying. There are many brands out there and choosing the right one might be a tricky thing. Go for the reliable and affordable one and make sure that they are providing you a proper warranty card/slip.

Also, make sure that the spare parts are replaceable and easily available if needed.

2- Ease of Use:

An ideal moisture analyzer should be simple and easy to operate and free of any complicated settings and procedures. Moreover, the design should be simple, more user-friendly and with fewer buttons.

3- Capacity Requirement:

Different moisture analyzers have different weighing capacities of samples and the choice of selecting the right one highly depends upon your requirement.

Another important thing to consider is the weight of the analyzer as well. Which consists of the weight of its pan, its screen, and some other things? It might affect your results.

4- Connectivity options:

Nowadays, moisture analyzers by some good brands come with some extra options which further ease your work. Choose the one which has built-in ports to connect with PC, keyboard, etc. You can easily get the results on the PC screen. It is very important for quality control.

5- Keypad and Display:

In order to make sure that all the readings and information is visible to the operator. Digital moisture analyzers by some good companies like Torbal have built-in LCD and LED displays that make on-screen result plotting possible.

The keypad is also a thing that you should not ignore. The buttons /keys should be easy to press and smooth and few. It saves much of your time.

6- Readability:

Readability of the weighing balance is an important thing to check before buying a moisture analyzer. Readability is actually the smallest increment of measurement displayed. Proper readability is crucial for accuracy so make sure that the analyzer should have a good readability score.

7- Repeatability:

Repeatability is a way to measure precision. Repeatability in simple words means that the readings should not change when you are doing the same procedure multiple times. An ideal analyzer should have good repeatability. This also helps you to keep the record of previous readings as well.

8- Temperature Range:

Moisture Analyzers usually require very high temperatures. Different analyzers come with different temperature ranges. But not every analyzer is suitable for you. The selection of the analyzer mainly depends upon the type of samples you are working on. So decide wisely.

9- Metal Heating or Halogen Heating?:

Well, this is a very important thing to be considered before buying a moisture analyzer. This choice mainly depends on your requirements. The infrared heating mechanism is usually utilized in many moisture analyzers. It usually involves an infrared heating source that strikes with metal. This type of heating system is best for the food manufacturing industry. But these types of heaters usually take a longer time to reach the required temperature being heavier. It might also affect your readings.

Halogen Heaters, on the other hand, are lighter and more sophisticated with proper heating and reproducibility of results. Halogen heaters take much less time in heating and then cooling. So these are super fast and you don’t have to wait for long periods.

10- Other Accessories:

Some good analyzers also come with multiple accessories like software. Torbal analyzers give you software that is easily available and free of charge. It allows you to collect and process data with more ease and efficiency. You can get some other attachable accessories as well as thermal printers, scanners which further aid the professional operation. You can also get some other tools as well like the density measurement kit. Which further gives you information about the density of solids and fluids as well.

So this is all about the basic things to consider before buying a moisture analyzer. Hope this quick guide will help you in getting the best analyzer.

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