How Obsessed With Money Is Hip Hop?

If you have ever consistently listened to hip-hop music you probably know that most of the artists are completely obsessed with money. They see hip-hop as a get rick quick scheme. And while for some it is, there are never any guarantees. Most hip-hop artists won’t even deny that they are obsessed with money and it shows in their songs. You may be asking yourself which hip-hop artists rap about money the most.

Without a doubt, the top three hip hop artists that are obsessed with money are P Diddy, Drake, and Jay-Z. They have all become millionaires from making their music.

Most hip-hop artists are so obsessed with money because they want to be dripping in jewelry and what they consider fashionable clothes. They also show off their mansions and expensive cars. These artists make it obvious that they only do what they do because of their love of money. They want to be seen as rich and powerful so they do everything in their power to remind everyone everyday that they have it.

For most of these artists, 1% of their song titles have something to do with money. They often use slang terms for money, such as “ballin,” “dough,” and “loot.”

Many of these artists also become a producer so that they can produce their own music. They do this because it earns them even more of the money they are obsessed with having.

It is not unusual to start writing and performing songs about money when they don’t really have any yet. While most are rich now, the vast majority of them were poor growing up. This most likely explains why they are so obsessed with money when they do become famous artists.

Coming from humble beginnings makes hip-hop artists want what they were denied for so many years. Once they get ahold of some money, it goes straight to their head and becomes an obsession. This makes them want even more money. It starts a vicious cycle that they couldn’t stop if they wanted to.

The majority of the hip-hop world is based on the acquisition of money. Everyone wants a lot of it, but not everyone can accomplish that. These artists seem more determined than anyone else to have more money than they can handle.

This leads to an obsession with acquiring more and more money to spend. Hip-hop artists make lavish purchases because they are finally able to do so. Their fans see all the money they have and what it gets them, and it fuels the fire to keep performing songs that are all about money.

Only time will tell if hip-hop ever changes or if it is still about the money. Today’s artists will pave the way for tomorrow’s and will influence in the industry. It will either grow and thrive or it will eventually lose its appeal.

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