Gabriele Saro Releases Skippin’ (single)

Italian composer and musician Gabriele Saro has been fascinated with music since before his tenth birthday and produces music at such a fevered clip it isn’t difficult to imagine him as a man of great intensity, aflame with creativity. He’s a man of varied interests with a Master’s in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a degree in Business Administration accompanying his musical degrees, but it is evident listening to his new single that his musical path is, in my estimation, truest to his soul. There is such a fluid dialogue between the vocal and instrumentation that it gives the impression “Skippin’” was a song floating around in the ether just waiting for Saro to pluck it out and commit to a recording. His instinctual command of songwriting is evident throughout the course of “Skippin’” and helps make this single one of the most effective I’ve heard yet in this young year.


A big reason for this is how well the vocal and arrangement play off against one another. Saro has positioned these two key elements in such a way they feed off each other from nearly the first notes of the song and their relationship stands as the key aspect of the song’s success. It is telling about the song’s songwriting strengths how they work just as well together when it is nothing but piano and vocal as they do when additional instrumental sounds enter the picture. The vocal melody is strong throughout the course of the track and forms one of the bedrock elements of the performance; it carries over from the spartan opening into the song’s full throated arrangement with the same effectiveness.

The emotion in the vocal is very real throughout. This isn’t your typical pop vocal with its accompanying pyrotechnics but, instead, achieves heights of musicality without ever sacrificing emotion. The skillful orchestration of emotion and musicality isn’t a typical hallmark of pop music, but it is clear from the start that Gabriele Saro’s “Skippin’” isn’t your typical pop song. The weaving of synthesizers, electronic drumming, piano, and vocals has polish from the first moment to last, but never sounds over-rehearsed or planned in an overt way. It’s natural feel distinguishes it from many similar efforts thanks to its intelligence and musical strength.


The production is another strong suit playing in its favor. Gabriele Saro’s songwriting instincts are well served by his equally keen ear for how to frame those elements in a compelling musical package. There isn’t a single part of the presentation that overwhelms listeners; instead, an even-handed approach dominates the production for this single. Gabriele Saro’s “Skippin’” sounds every bit like the product of a prodigious songwriting imagination and, despite his ferocious output, boasts all of the freshness of someone fanning the flames of fierce creativity for the first time. It has the potential to make a major impact on the music world in general and Saro’s career trajectory in particular; “Skippin’” is a single set up to appeal to a wide swath of the music listening public and should encourage them to continue following his future output.

by Bethany Page

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